Tower of God Season 2: Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details!

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God is a webtoon by S.I.U., a South Korean manhwa publisher. A Japanese anime television series adaptation of the web manhwa began airing on Naver Series On in South Korea in July 2014 and was immediately broadcast in Japan. As originally planned, the show would have aired between April and June of that year. If you want to know when the second season of Tower of God will air, keep reading this page.

Tower of God Season 1: What Happened?

Bam had no recollection of his past until he met Rachel. He has no idea who raised him and taught him everything he knows. When Rachel climbs the tower, Bam tries to follow her even though she doesn’t want to.” While he is unable to locate Rachel on the lower levels of the tower, he makes new friends.

With Kuhn (voiced by Chris Hackney in the English dub and Nobuhiko Okamoto in the Japanese), Rak (voiced by Matthew David Rudd in the English dub and Kenta Miyake in the Japanese dub), and a slew of other intriguing characters, Bam is on the verge of forming a powerful alliance. As a result, they form an alliance and plan to scale the tower together.

Bam’s luck continues to improve when he discovers Rachel among the other test takers. In spite of Rachel’s best efforts, Bam is determined to protect her. Having been stabbed during one of the tests, Bam offers to take Rachel to the top of the tower and informs them that she will never walk on her own again. Rachel accepts the offer.

Bam and his comrades must pass the most difficult exam in order to take Rachel, a wheelchair user, with them. The exam turned out to be a ruse to separate the members of the team and eliminate anyone who was deemed a threat to the tower.

Tower of God Season 2 Storyline

In the last episode of the first season, Rachel learns that the tower never extended an invitation for her to enter. She harbors resentment toward Bam because of the ease with which he overcomes challenges. Headon gives her the assurance that she will be allowed to climb if she is victorious over Bam. She is provided with a bodyguard as a special weapon, which enables her to maintain two separate lives at the same time.

After that, she leaves him in Shinshu Lake, where he later drowns to death. After all, he is still alive, and he is aware that he needs to make another ascent of the tower in order to learn what happened to him and why it happened. The second season is going to be an adaptation of the second part of the manhwa series. The performance will begin at a later time than originally planned.

Yuri’s sister, Repellista, is mulling over the possibility of paying her a visit. Because one of Wangnan Ja’s coworkers accidentally set him on fire, he may have trouble doing well on his first exam. On the other hand, Bam is going to investigate Rachel’s betrayal and participate in the examinations. The upcoming season will feature the debut of new characters like Prince, Rapdevil, and Ehwa Yeon.

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Who Will Return For Season 2 Of ‘Tower Of God’?

‘Tower of God’ Season 2’s cast has been announced.

Matthew Rak Wraithraiser is played by David Rudd.
Bam is played by Johnny Yong Bosch.
Khun Aguero Agnes is played by Chris Hackney.
In the role of Anaak Jahad, Cherami Leigh.
Rachel is played by Valerie Rose Lohman.
Lero Ro is played by Trent Mills.
Shimizu, played by Scott Whyte, is an anime character.
Otsuka, played by Hochu Otsuka,
Playing Evan Edroch in the anime series Kazuyuki Okitsu
starring Takuya Eguchi in the role of Shibisu.
Hatz is played by Toshinari Fukamachi.
Jahad’s Endorser: Jeannie Tirado
Serena is played by Christina Valenzuela.
Yuri Jahad, played by Kira Buckland.
Kyle McCarley portrays Evan Edroch in the film.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date of the second season of the show Tower of God has not yet been revealed. We anticipate that it will be announced in the near future. It would appear that the second season of the television show Tower of God will be released sometime in the early or middle part of the year 2022.

We will make sure to update this post with any new information we obtain regarding the premiere date of the second season of the television series Tower of God. From the 1st of April 2020 to the 24th of June 2020, episodes of the first season of the television series Tower of God were broadcast.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date
Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower of god season 2 Trailer

The official teaser for the upcoming second season of the show Tower of God has not been released as of yet. Following the news that Tower of God will be returning for a second season, we anticipate that it will be made available to the public very soon. The trailer for the first season of the television show Tower of God can be found down below.

Reviews and Ratings for Tower of God’s Second Season


We assure you that the series is really enjoyable, even if you’ve never seen a single episode! Ratings from both IMDb and Myanimelist put the show’s average audience rating at 7.53 out of 10. It follows that using this software should be continued indefinitely. If you’re still undecided about whether or not to watch it, check out what others who saw it after you had to say about it.


Worth the wait holy cow please bring more out soon and then never stop, the art, pace, and voices all seemed amazing for the first episode and if this keeps up I already know it’ll be one of the best Manwahs and Animes ever. If you can’t wait, check out the Webtoons website and read on from there.

Using the comic’s opening as a flashback made it better; I’ve never seen a first episode this good; it blew me away. The voice actors aren’t annoying and fit their roles. The opening and closing had me wanting more. Amazing.

A long-time fan of the original series, and I love this far. It captures TOG’s art style and mood, and I want to see more.
People who have only seen the first episode should wait or read the series. I fell in love at first sight and stay up to update. Need more!

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