Trevor Noah farewell Show

Trevor Noah farewell Show

The Comedy Central satirical news programme “The Daily Show” commemorated Trevor Noah’s seven-year run as host with a sold-out audience, a complete cast of correspondents, and star-studded farewell messages on his final night in the role.

It doesn’t feel like seven years, Noah added in his final address, so don’t be depressed. Not at the desk, that is. Of course, I took a break by going home. It has nonetheless been a wild voyage. The presenter was guided through the night by a lineup of correspondent tributes to Noah and a video montage of farewells from Oprah, Issa Rae, Kamala Harris, Tracy Ross, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and others.

Noah, a South African comedian who contributed an outsider’s perspective to the show, stated, “I would never profess to understand America, you know, in the very short time I think I’ve been here.” But he did share some wisdom he had gained.

Noah urges his listeners to think about issues without regard to democratic or republican values by pointing out the significant influence that American political parties have. “We forget that real friendships emerge from the similarities, and then the conflicts are how we polish each other as human beings because we live in a society where we introduce ourselves to things that separate us,” he remarked.

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Politics is just a creative approach to address those concerns, according to Noah. It isn’t binary. Every problem can be solved in more than two different ways. There are more than just two ways to exist. Jon Stewart, the show’s longtime host, left in 2015 to make way for Noah. Stewart’s 16-year tenure on the show helped it become a late-night mainstay.

Before being chosen to assume the anchor position, the comedian had only made a few appearances as a correspondent on “The Daily Show.” Although Noah wasn’t well-known to American television viewers at the time, he had already developed a sizable fan base abroad.

He immediately reshaped the show to fit him, wryly escorting his audience through unique national events like the Trump presidency and the Covid-19 pandemic. When Noah announced his departure from the program in late September, he made it seem as though his desire to perform live rather than at a desk was the driving force for his choice.

When I returned to the world after spending two years living in my apartment and not traveling, I discovered there was still more of my life to discover. I miss picking up new tongues. I miss performing abroad and traveling,” Noah admitted. Only a brief break will be taken by the comedian before returning to the stage. On January 20, he begins his “Trevor Noah: Off The Record” tour in Atlanta.

The network has revealed a host replacement lineup for the show’s January 17 comeback, including Chelsea Handler, D. L. Hughley, Leslie Jones, Hasan Minhaj, Kal Penn, and Wanda Sykes. However, the network has yet to specify whether guest hosts would rotate in the chair eternally or if a permanent host will be installed, therefore the program’s long-term status is still unknown.