Tropical Storm Nicole In Florida

Tropical Storm Nicole In Florida

As Hurricane Nicole stormed through Florida on Thursday, some Ken Knight Drive homes along the Ribault River flooded and sustained major damage. The Ribault River flooded into the village in the afternoon, causing extensive flooding. Others had more than a foot of flood water enter their home, while some properties just had water up to the front and back doors. Several people have now temporarily moved elsewhere.

Owner Velma Aiken showed News4JAX around her property, which was submerged, and her home, where floodwaters had flooded the interior of the back of the building. Aiken has lived along Ken Knight Drive for more than 40 years.

The height of the waters earlier in the day was indicated by a line of dirt along the wall and above the threshold of a door, which was about a foot and a half off the ground. She said, “I have nowhere to go.” I’m just at a loss for what to do. In the Ribault neighbourhood, Ken Knight Drive is prone to flooding.

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Aiken described the situation as “frustrating and annoying.” In several of the residences along Ken Knight Drive, the Ribault River overflowed during Hurricane Irma in 2017, and locals reported seeing alligators floating down the street and snakes in their yards as a result of the floodwaters.

Aiken has experienced flooding inside her home twice since Hurricane Irma. “I don’t want to give it up, but if I have to, I will if I have to. However, I’m going to fight it out right now,” Aiken declared. I’ll just keep my boots on and carry out my obligations.

According to Aiken, volunteers have arrived to assist the occupants of the homes destroyed by flood floods. Sheppard, Aiken’s neighbour, did not have water in his home, he claimed to have been alarmed when floodwaters nearly reached his door, which is more than 4 feet higher than the ground. Sheppard recalled, “Water rose so high that I had to contact the fire department to come to pull me out of the house.” “It nearly entered the house.”

More residences near the river fully flooded farther up the street. As residents with water damage to their homes are aware, high tide is likely to bring flooding back into their homes, one owner who only goes by the first name Mike spent hours clearing flood water and destroying furniture. He knows he may have to do it again.

He admitted, “I’m obviously concerned. We tried to put the sandbags up earlier to prepare for it, but we weren’t as successful as we thought we were. People with fixed incomes like Aiken own their homes outright. Even though they have insurance, the truth is that it might only provide a certain amount of coverage.

Because they don’t pay for seeping water, it can only take so much until your roof or windows start to fall off, according to Aiken. According to Aiken, volunteers tried to assist the occupants of the flooded homes. Anyone else wanting to assist is urged to get in touch with her at 904-982-5413. Many tenants and property owners who were evicted by floodwaters slept in hotels or with family members.