Truck Kills Girl at Christmas Parade in Raleigh, NC

Truck Kills Girl at Christmas Parade in Raleigh, NC

On Sunday, parents and their kids came to Downtown Raleigh to lay flowers at the developing memorial for the 11-year-old girl who died after being struck by a vehicle hauling a float during the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

The horrific incident that occurred is still being processed by many in the Raleigh community. An enormous outpouring of sympathy for the CC and Company family happened due to the severe impact on the Triangle dance community.

Love and prayers were sent from Carolina Dance Center and Carolina Dance Studio Foundation. The Foundation’s president tells ABC11 that although this tragedy significantly impacts them, they are here to provide support. Families claimed Saturday started as the perfect day but suddenly became a nightmare.


Richard Stamps remarked, “The sun was shining, and everything was beautiful until it wasn’t. Stamps claimed that while watching the march from the corner of Hillsborough Street, he was unaware of how difficult the situation was until he spotted Raleigh police officers going by.

He claimed he didn’t realise how bad things had gone wrong “until I saw RPD buzzing around on motorbikes, gators, and automobiles running.” The young girl’s loss has left grandfather Stamps, who is also a grandfather, inconsolable.

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“I mean, that’s difficult when it’s a kid. Given her family’s circumstances, I wanted to pay her the highest possible tribute. I can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult this will be for them and everyone else who was present, “He went on.

The mother, Tiffany Franch, and her daughter left flowers at the memorial. French, who works at a nearby coffee shop, also saw the incident. This was extremely difficult to witness, but now that we’re here, Franch added, “I’m a local, and it’s nice to see everyone come together and hold each other tighter.”

“Her close friends and family had to observe what had transpired. They will require prayer and assistance. You wouldn’t even think of doing it in your worst nightmare. However, there it was, in front of us, “stated Stamps.

Parents received a letter from Wake County Schools explaining the options and tools available for kids who witnessed the tragedy on Saturday. Additionally, the district announced that counsellors and student services would be accessible this week at all campuses.

We wanted to provide you with information and help for your child in light of the tragedy that occurred on Saturday morning. Every member of our school’s counselling and student services team will be on hand this week if your child needs school assistance.

We wanted to let you know as a parent or guardian, so you may choose whether or not to share this information. You may find some resources valuable as you consider how to best support your child as they cope with this loss. WCPSS and Transitions GriefCare have joined forces to assist better our grieving families, students, and staff members.

Children and teenagers can explore, comprehend, and express their sorrow using various support services provided through Transitions GriefCare. Anyone in our community is welcome to use their services without paying a fee.

We may anticipate that pupils will experience many emotions after a traumatic incident, such as the passing of a loved one, such as anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, or vulnerability. They can be terrified about losing a loved one. You may assist your child in becoming conscious of and managing their emotions by promoting communication, demonstrating empathy, offering factual information, being supportive of feelings, and proposing constructive outlets.

Each child is unique, and the emotional reaction’s intensity can change over time. Again, contact the school counsellor for more information and support if you have any concerns about how your kid may react to this or any other unfortunate incident. Schools in Wake County