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Trump Calls Jan. 6 Committee ‘sick’ and ‘Marxist’ After Damning Report

Trump Calls Jan. 6 Committee 'sick' and 'Marxist' After Damning Report

Trump Calls Jan. 6 Committee 'sick' and 'Marxist' After Damning Report

Trump Calls Jan. 6 Committee’ sick’ and ‘Marxist’ After Damning Report: Donald Trump, who was upset by the Select Committee’s final report on Jan. 6 that blamed him for starting the melee on Capitol Hill, denied responsibility, played down the violence, and repeated his bogus assertions that the 2020 election had been rigged.

On Friday, one day after the Jan. 6 release of their report accusing him of participating in a criminal “multi-part plot” to alter the results of the 2020 election, Trump tweeted the incoherent tirade to his Truth Social platform.

These people are ill. Marxists, these people. He described the committee’s members as “extremely dangerous and very evil people,” calling their inquiry a “witch hunt.”

Trump emphasized bogus accusations the election was rigged against him, saying, “The committee barely even covered the catastrophic security flaws of the Capitol, and they didn’t discuss the other thing, the reason why everyone was there — the election, which was a corrupt disaster.”

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In a subsequent rambling, he said the Democrats are notorious for “cheating in elections.” Additionally, Trump asserted that he had “urged the deployment of 10,000 to 20,000 National Guard troops” before the disturbance. However, the committee’s summary report, which was made public on Monday, expressly refuted this allegation.

The report stated, “The select committee found no proof of this.” When he testified under oath, President Trump’s acting secretary of defense Christopher Miller, expressly denied this. The committee “did not offer a single shred of evidence that I intended or sought violence at our capitol,” the 45th president added in response. The charge is unfounded and a hideous fabrication. Thus there is no evidence, he claimed.

Trump also attacked the FBI probe into the cache of secret documents found at his Mar-a-Lago club in August, branding it “a fake” and headed by a “Trump hater.” The “Unselect Committee” will be remembered in history with these other persecutions as a sham and a shame. They aim to prevent us from regaining control of our nation. They will fall short, he added.

Trump is charged with organizing his supporters as part of a “multi-part conspiracy to subvert the legitimate outcomes of the 2020 Presidential election” in the lengthy 814-page report by the Select Committee.

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The committee concluded that “one guy, former President Donald Trump, whom Jan. 6 followed, was the primary chain. 6. 6.” Without him, none of the Jan. 6 events would have occurred.

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