Two Dead in Collinsville Pub Fight on New Year's

Two Dead in Collinsville Pub Fight on New Year’s

Two Dead in Collinsville Pub Fight on New Year’s: The Collinsville Police Department was called to report gunshots being fired close to a pub in the city’s center just 45 minutes into 2023. Police discovered two guys who had been shot when they arrived.

The Madison County Coroner’s Office pronounced Rodolfo Torres-Granado, 24, and Ricardo Correa, 20, dead at the scene. A brawl between a group of guys and another man allegedly took place inside Sloan’s Pub House, according to the police. After being broken up, the conflict, according to witnesses, resumed in the parking lot.


According to the police, a group of guys, including Correa and Torres-Granado, approached the other man riding in a car with a woman while carrying firearms. Police were informed that the males had attempted to smash the car’s windows, which had led to yet another physical altercation.

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According to reports, the individual in the automobile fired several shots during the altercation, striking Correa and Torres-Granado. The inquiry is still being conducted. There are two persons in custody, but none have been given a charge.

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Anyone who witnessed the incident and has not yet been interviewed is asked to call Lieutenant Eric Owen at 618-344-2131, ext. 5136, according to the Collinsville Police Department.