Two Teens Shot, One Dead, in Front of Fort Worth Whataburger, Police Say

Two Teens Shot, One Dead, in Front of Fort Worth Whataburger, Police Say

Two Teens Shot, One Dead, in Front of Fort Worth Whataburger, Police Say: After a shooting on Friday afternoon in front of a Whataburger in Fort Worth, Texas, one youngster is dead, and another is in serious condition at a local hospital, according to authorities.

Police were called to a gunshot around 4 p.m. in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant chain at 2401 W. Berry Street, which is adjacent to R.L. Paschal High School in the Fort Worth Independent School District.

One male and one female adolescent victim were taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. The female, who is believed to be 17 years old, is still in severe condition. Around 16 years old, the male did not get through his injuries.

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According to Fort Worth ISD, the 16-year-old victim was a Paschal High School student. Whether the girl attended Paschal High School is still a mystery. All persons engaged in the crime, including the victims and the suspect (whom Police believe to be just one), are believed to be teens who knew each other and went to the same high school in the area.

Police stated they were still trying to determine which high school the youngsters attended. Police chief Neil Noakes of Fort Worth said in a press conference on Friday night, “At first, I was angry. “I’m furious. Any young individual, mainly a high school student, should not pass away at such a young age.

There is no justification for a high school kid to shoot another student while armed. But that rage soon gave way to melancholy. Unfortunately, we are seeing this at home in Fort Worth, Texas. I take this personally since violent crime is a nationwide problem.” Police have closed off the streets near the Whataburger as they continue to investigate what Buddy Calzada, an FWPD spokesman, described as an “active scene.”

No suspects have been captured as of yet. In this case, Canada stated, “We’re attempting to figure out who the shooter is — or shooters — in this case.” He urged anyone with information to call the FWPD’s non-emergency line at 817-392-4222 with any information that would aid the investigation.

Noakes stated that the shooter “needs to know that justice will be done.” “Together with the community, we will carry out our duties to ensure that they are prosecuted. I would advise the shooter to come forward and be arrested. You made a terrible error. Please report yourself and stop making things worse.”

When WFAA spoke with witnesses at the scene, they reported seeing only one gunman and quickly leaving the area without being hurt. Witness Jeronimo Garcia said he saw a teenager shooting at other teenagers in the parking lot while going to the restaurant to pick up his grandson after school. “There was one person with a gun,” he added.

“When I heard the gunfire, I sought to hide myself and my grandson. It had the sound of a large-caliber firearm.” Garcia, a resident of Euless, claimed that moments before the incident, his grandson and other people present had been allowed out of school.

My grandson comes to mind. First, Garcia added. “It’s unsafe here, and he’s in school. We live in a hazardous time with guns, even if I don’t know if the gunman was a student at the school.” Before he observed the shooter depart the scene in a pickup, Garcia claimed to have heard five or six gunshots.

We don’t believe the public is now in danger, said Canada. When the district learned of the incident, it put Paschal High School on lockdown, according to Fort Worth ISD spokesperson Claudia Garibay, who spoke to WFAA. Due to “limited access to the campus,” the school’s Friday night varsity basketball game has also been postponed. The match has been moved to Saturday, January 21.

According to FWISD, Paschal students and staff have access to support personnel at the campus. As the Fort Worth Police Department continues this ongoing investigation, Fort Worth ISD continues to work with them, according to Garibay. This shooting follows recent reports of numerous teenagers being shot and killed throughout the DFW region.

Conflict resolution invariably includes a gun with some very young individuals these days — teenagers and early 20-year-olds, Noakes observed. “It astounds me how little value is placed on human life and how sacred it is. To those young people, I would say, “You have so much more to live for, and so do those with whom you may disagree. Whatever the issue, a gun is not the solution.”

Noakes continued by saying that he thinks the community has to work with its youth more effectively. The chief noted that the Fort Worth Police Department “has some fantastic officers who do great work daily.” “We work around the clock, 365 days a year, to combat violent crime, but we can’t do it alone. According to research, good family bonds, excellent parents, and strong role models are among the best indicators of success in a child’s life.

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Parents are urged to get involved in their children’s lives and inquire about any problems. Reach out to us for assistance if your child is carrying a weapon or find someone to speak with the youngster directly. Remove the firearm. Families must participate. Communities must participate. We must participate. It will take all of us to halt this atrocity effectively.”