US orders More Doses Of Monkeypox Vaccine

Monkeypox vaccines are in high demand as the disease silently spreads throughout the United States and other countries. Currently, Bavarian Nordic, which has led the global response to monkeypox, has set up another significant supply agreement with the United States. The government’s “rapidly available supply” of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos smallpox and monkeypox vaccine now stands at more than 4 million shots, according to a recent statement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The acquisition was made in response to Bavarian Nordic’s early-month revelation that the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) had acquired 500,000 liquid-frozen doses of the injection. According to press sources, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials announced a plan to distribute 1.6 million Jynneos dosages by year’s end at the end of June. According to a story at the time in USA Today, of that amount, officials intended to deploy 56,000 doses right once in high transmission zones.

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According to Bavarian Nordic, deliveries for the most recent order will begin in the fourth quarter and last through early 2019. The agreement is part of the administration’s monkeypox offensive strategy, which includes accelerating vaccine production and delivery, streamlining testing, and maintaining continual contact with community and health leaders about the outbreak.

Around 350 cases of monkeypox had been reported to the CDC as of June 29; these cases have predominantly affected men who have sex with men. If a sexual partner of yours has been diagnosed with the disease, you have been advised by officials to get vaccinated. The U.S. Strategic National Stockpile has access to more than 100 million doses of Sanofi’s ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine, which can also be used to combat monkeypox, in addition to the doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos.

On the therapeutic front, the Strategic National Stockpile of the United States contains more than 1.7 million courses of TPOXX, an antiviral medication for smallpox created by Siga Technologies and BARDA. The CDC has increased access to Siga’s medication to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, similar to how Sanofi did with their vaccine. For its part, Jynneos received U.S. approval in 2019 to protect those deemed to be at high risk from smallpox and monkeypox. Bavarian Nordic’s vaccine is exclusively permitted for smallpox in Europe, where it is sold under the brand name Imvanex.

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