Uvalde School District Suspends Police Following Mass Shooting

Uvalde School District Suspends Police Following Mass Shooting

More than four months after a mass shooting left 19 kids and two instructors dead, the police force that protects the Uvalde, Texas, the school district has been suspended, officials announced on Friday. The choice was made in the midst of numerous ongoing investigations investigating the department and its responses to the deadly Robb Elementary massacre on May 24.

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISDexecutive )’s director of communications and marketing, Anne Marie Espinoza, stated in a statement that the department was suspended due to “recent developments” that “uncovered new concerns with department operations.”

The UCISD police officers will “perform different tasks within the district,” she continued.  Lt. Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller, two departmental employees, were given administrative leave. Espinoza said Mueller then made the decision to retire.

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The Texas Department of Public Safety will send troopers to Uvalde schools to assure student and faculty safety while the police department is on leave. The safety of the faculty, staff, and students won’t be jeopardised throughout this changeover, Espinoza assured.

A number of outside organisations are still reviewing the UCISD police force, which has come under harsh criticism ever since the shooting. In July, a damning investigation criticised the “egregiously bad decision-making” of law enforcement agents who delayed approaching the 18-year-old gunman for more than an hour. Pete Arredondo, the head of the campus police, was let go in August.

A former Texas state trooper who had been recruited by the UCISD following the incident was fired on Thursday. Crimson Elizondo was one of almost 400 law enforcement officials, including more than 90 state troopers, who hurried to Robb Elementary during the shooting but had to wait more than an hour to engage a shooter wielding an AR-15-style weapon who was opening fire inside a fourth-grade classroom.

The Texas Police Chiefs Association is conducting a review and will “guide the rebuilding of the department and the hiring of a new Chief of Police,” according to Espinoza, who stated on Tuesday that the district is collaborating with them. Report submission is due this month.

Investigations continue into how the UCISD police department handled the shooting. Future staff decisions will be influenced by the investigation’s findings, according to Espinoza. She continued, “The District remains dedicated to resolving disputes with verifiable evidence.