Valve Is Staging Its First Steam VR Fest

Valve Is Staging Its First Steam VR Fest

From July 18 to July 25, Steam VR Fest will provide discounts and demos for your headset. It’s essentially a VR-focused version of Steam Next Fest. The information was obtained through Steamworks documentation, therefore Valve hasn’t yet made any official channel-specific marketing materials available. Any VR game may take part in the competition. Discounts are recommended but not necessary to have your game included, just like other comparable promotions on Steam. Additionally, the event will showcase new VR games and offer VR titles with samples.

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With its Index series of VR headsets and the featured game Half-Life Alyx, which earned GameSpot’s game of the year award in 2020, Valve is already a major player in the space. Even though the majority of the event’s content is coming from outside the firm, it still demonstrates a deliberate investment in the VR space.

Competitors in the market include the anticipated PlayStation VR 2 and the well-known Meta Quest, which recently abandoned the requirement for Facebook logins. If you connect a Meta Quest to your PC, you may use it to play Steam games as well. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve submitted a patent application for a new VR headset in 2021.

Steam VR Fest is a statement that Valve will continue to plant its own flag in virtual reality, regardless of whether the company releases any new hardware information there. Our editors independently chose the products we’ve covered here. If you purchase something listed on our website, GameSpot might receive a portion of the sale.