Vigil Held for McKinney 9-year-old Allegedly Murdered by Father

Vigil Held for Mckinney 9-year-old Allegedly Murdered by Father

Vigil Held for Mckinney 9-year-old Allegedly Murdered by Father: A grieving neighborhood comes together to pray for a 9-year-old kid and his mother in McKinney after police allege that the boy’s father killed him by stabbing him. The most important why the question is yet unanswered.

A guy was charged with capital murder and released on a $1 million bond after being accused of fatally stabbing his kid. That individual is still receiving medical care for a self-inflicted stab wound in a hospital.

Meanwhile, a candlelight memorial was held on Monday to honor the young life that was lost. According to McKinney police, the boy’s father, Ponnazhakan Subramania, has been charged with capital murder.

According to police, a neighbor contacted 911 on Friday afternoon to report that the boy’s mother had discovered him inside the house bleeding and unconscious. When police broke down the door, they discovered her husband stabbing himself. The youngster was discovered in the garage, dead from many stab wounds.

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Some people leave trinkets and letters of prayer outside the house. Police said they had never been summoned to this house before Friday. People believe Monday’s gathering is a reminder that community is needed most at difficult times. This is according to Hughes Elementary, which sits across the street.

“I am aware that belonging to a community is a big element of happiness. The most crucial moment is when it’s unhappy. Consequently, I’m here “said Vijay Ranganathan, a neighbor.

After notifying the youngster’s immediate relatives, the name of the boy is usually made public after a few days have passed since the murder. Additionally, the police have not conducted any on-camera interviews, and they have not disclosed any theories as to why Subramanian killed his only kid, according to neighbors.

Community members want the boy’s mother to know that she is loved moving forward. They also urge anyone going through family difficulties to seek treatment, even though they are unaware of the details behind the murder.

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Sanoma Sinha, a neighbor, said: “We watch out for each other, especially in the gloomy times.” According to police, the boy’s father is currently being treated in a hospital. His condition has not been disclosed by them. $1 million has been set as his bond. Once he’s in jail, a mugshot will be made accessible.