Vince McMahon Reportedly Paid $12 Million To Four Women

Vince McMahon Reportedly Paid $12 Million To Four Women

According to a Wall Street Journal article on Friday, longtime World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon gave over $12 million in hush money to four women in an effort to silence them about potential sexual misconduct. According to the Journal, all four women had connections to WWE and were bound by non-disclosure agreements that prevented them from talking about their associations with the 76-year-old pro wrestling legend.

The Journal reported that the agreements, which allegedly date back 16 years and involve payouts of $7.5 million, $3 million, $1 million, and roughly $1 million, are supported by court documents it has examined and interviews with people familiar with the pacts. NBC News has not independently confirmed the agreements or seen the claimed documents.

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Just three weeks prior, WWE declared that McMahon had resigned from his position as chairman while the business looked into allegations of misbehaviour against him. The board named Stephanie McMahon, McMahon’s daughter, as interim CEO and chairperson up until the investigation’s conclusion. NBC News on Friday was unable to quickly reach McMahon or WWE representatives for comment. The ruling party is projected to win the Japanese election handily in the wake of Abe’s murder.

In a statement issued by the Stamford, Connecticut-based business, McMahon stated, “I have offered my complete cooperation to the investigation by the Special Committee, and I will do everything possible to support the probe.” I’ve also promised to accept whatever the investigation’s findings and conclusion are.

On the same day he issued the June statement, McMahon gave a brief speech during “WWE Friday Night SmackDown,” reminding viewers of the phrase that has become synonymous with the sport: “Then, now, forever, and the most essential word is together.”
He threw his microphone and said, “Welcome to SmackDown.