Virgin River Season 5

Season 5 of “Virgin River”: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Virgin River, a smash sensation on Netflix, has a retro vibe reminiscent of classic small-town shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson’s Creek. Season three of Virgin River premiered on Netflix, and the streaming service wasted no time renewing the show for a fourth and fifth season to capitalize on the show’s surprise success despite the show’s slow pacing, plodding relationships, and lack of technology. Now that season 4 of Virgin River has been released, viewers are eager to learn when season 5 will premiere and what it will entail.

On that note, we have some good and some terrible news to report: The scheduled March 2022 start date for Season 5 production was unexpectedly moved up to July 2022. Mel actress Alexandra Breckenridge mentioned the postponement of Virgin River in an interview with Glamour, when she was discussing the show This Is Us.

She recently remarked on This Is Us, which concluded earlier this year, “They’ve been trying to persuade me to come back since I’ve been on Virgin River.” “Season five of Virgin River was expected to begin filming in March but was postponed until July. If we hadn’t gotten going when we were supposed to, I’m not sure if Sophie and Kevin [of This Is Us] would have ever gotten together.”

The good news is that production on season 5 of Virgin River has officially commenced in British Columbia, according to What’s on Netflix as of mid-July. In a July interview, Hope actress Annette O’Toole confirmed this to PureWow: I leave tomorrow for Canada to shoot episodes for season five.

Additionally, on July 18, the Virgin River Instagram account posted: “Table reading with our Season 5 cast. That’s right, you read that correctly. Season 5 production has officially begun!” (Viewers were quick to point out that Ricky (Grayson Gurney) was pictured at the table read despite the fact that he had already enlisted in the Marines at the close of season four.) According to What’s on Netflix, production is expected to wrap in November 2023.

Virgin River Season 5


Like Season 4, Season 5 of Virgin River will likely have 12 episodes. Previously, each season had 10 episodes. According to What’s on Netflix, the production budget for each episode of season 5 is $3 million to $5 million.


When he gave his Glamour interview, Henderson had just wrapped up filming the premiere of the fifth season. “Interesting developments occur in the realm of babies. Since I haven’t read the scripts, I can only speculate, but it sounds like we have some great endings and exciting new beginnings in store “This is what he had to say, he explained. “Sorry, but I can’t reveal everything. I anticipate that some people may leave. Maybe someone will be leaving.”

For her part, Breckenridge told New Beauty that season five had some of the show’s best episodes. I think the first few episodes have set a good tone for the season, and we’re about to hit some meaty episodes. The episodes are some of the most exciting we’ve ever produced, in my opinion, “her words

While speaking to Hello!, O’Toole seemed to confirm the “heaviness” of the season, saying, “There is a big thing that happens right in the middle of the season that brings the community together in a very big way and it’s a kind of timely topic that’s happening in our country and I’m really glad that they’re going there.”

Potential Season 4 of Virgin River Spoilers. At the end of Season 4, we found out that Doc’s grandson, Denny, suffers from Huntington’s disease. Actor Tim Matheson, who portrays Doc, said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the news will have an impact on his own character. “The typical physician thinks to himself, “I could solve this.” That’s the problem. The best aspect, though, is that Hope has welcomed Denny into their family and made him feel at home. Being surrounded by such love is probably more vital than medical care for his disease.”

Also, Brie faced up against her abusive ex-boyfriend, Don. “Without spoiling anything, I can say that Brie is the type to keep her word. But I can’t say where that leads her “Today,” Zibby Allen declared. That wasn’t simply a random thing she said; it’s going to be a part of her process as she works to make peace with that aspect of her life. For People, she added, “I really hope that they figure out how to navigate something that is real with one other.” Brady is her boyfriend. “In my opinion, they couldn’t be more dissimilar. It’s interesting to see the various backgrounds they represent. That leaves the pressing issue of whether or not they can have a sustainable relationship in the here and now.”

Meanwhile, at the end of Season 5, it was revealed that Preacher might or might not have killed Vince. Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told EW, “I can’t tell you [whether he killed him]. “It’s easy for us to recognize right away. Season 5 picks up immediately after that point.” He elaborated by saying “I understand the significance of your friendship. We will definitely be servicing and addressing this issue in season 5 between not only Preacher and Paige, but also Preacher and Christopher.”

Not to mention, shortly after Mel disclosed that her baby is Jack’s, Charmaine told him that the twins truly aren’t his. Could one of them possibly be trying to fool you? Is Jack expecting one or three of his own biological children? According to Henderson’s season 5 interviews: “We’ll give him Mel’s baby, but Charmaine’s babies are not his.” He went on to explain why Charmaine has been dishonest: “Season 5 is where you’ll finally find out.

Then there’s Mandy, Jack’s alleged ex-wife whom we’ve only heard about… till now? In an interview with Glamour, showrunner Sean Smith remarked, “I would suggest, checking out season five and see if Mandy makes an appearance.”

Potential Release Date

Netflix may be intending to broadcast an entirely new season of the show year, as Seasons 3 and 4 were both released a year apart, in July 2021 and 2022. That might mean we might see season five as soon as July 2023 if we’re lucky.

Where do we go from here in terms of seasons to come? There will be a lot of them. One reason is that the show is based on 24 (count ’em, 24) books about the town of Virgin River written by Robyn Carr. Howe also mentioned this to Deadline: “We’re paying attention intently because we know this is a really popular franchise with a vast cast of characters that many fans can’t get enough of. As long as that’s the case, which we really hope it is, then I believe you can rest comfortably that there will be more Virgin River.”

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