Virginia Giuffre Says She May Have Made A mistake In Accusing Alan Dershowitz

Virginia Giuffre Says She “May Have Made A mistake” In Accusing Alan Dershowitz

A woman who was abused by convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has agreed to drop her accusations against attorney Alan Dershowitz, saying she “may have made a mistake” when she also accused him of sexual abuse.

In a statement, the accuser, Virginia Giuffre, said that Epstein trafficked her when she was young and in a “very stressful and traumatic environment.” Giuffre said that between 2000 and 2002, Epstein sold her to Dershowitz, but Dershowitz has denied this for a long time.

“I now realise that I might have been wrong about who Mr Dershowitz was,” her statement said. In 2019, Giuffre sued Dershowitz, saying he slandered her when he denied her claims and said she and her lawyers were trying to get money from other people. Dershowitz was also sued for slander by her lawyer, David Boies.

Dershowitz sued Giuffre and Boies for defamation of character. On Tuesday, the lawyers for Giuffre, Boies, and Dershowitz asked the judge in charge of the case to dismiss the claims with prejudice and not pay any fees to either side. All of their disputes have been settled by the agreement, which both sides have agreed to.

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Dershowitz told, “I’m glad that Virginia Giuffre has dropped all of her accusations against me and admitted that she may have made a mistake when she thought she was talking to me.”

In a written statement, he said again that he had never had sex with Giuffre. He also said, “I have come to believe that when she accused me, she believed what she said.” Ms Giuffre should be praised for having the guts to say in public that she might have been wrong about me.

She has been hurt a lot by Jeffrey Epstein, and I applaud her work to stop sex trafficking, which is a terrible thing. Dershowitz also said that his claims that Boies was involved in a plan to extort money were “wrong.”

Boies said in a statement that he was glad Dershowitz admitted that he had not tried to get money from anyone. He also said, “I know that Alan Dershowitz has gone through a lot because of the sexual abuse claim made against him, which he has always and strongly denied.”

In a joint statement, Giuffre, Boies, and Dershowitz said, “No one or anything has to pay any money for the resolution.” With the agreement to stop suing each other, a long-running part of the Epstein story is over.

Giuffre had been very vocal about her claims against Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. She said that they sold her to some of his famous friends and associates, like Prince Andrew and Dershowitz.

In 2019, Epstein was charged with sex trafficking, and while he was in jail waiting for his trial, he killed himself. Later, sex trafficking charges were brought against Maxwell by prosecutors in New York. Last year, she was found guilty in court.

Giuffre sued Prince Andrew because he was said to have hurt her. They came to a deal earlier this year, and the Duke of York, who has always said he did nothing wrong, paid her an amount that is not public.

A statement filed with the court at the time of the settlement said that the Prince would make a “substantial donation” to Giuffre’s charity, which helps people who have been trafficked.