Waterspout Observed Off The Coast Of Volusia County Close To Daytona Beach

The National Weather Service reported that a waterspout appeared off the coast of Volusia County, close to Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet, on Sunday afternoon. NWS officials tweeted shortly before 2 p.m. that they were keeping an eye on the waterspout that ultimately lingered over the water. Once the waterspout was spotted, a Special Marine Warning was issued from Flagler Beach to the boundary between Volusia and Brevard counties. The waterspout, according to the NWS, terminated at 2:04 PM, causing the warning to end.

Williams Spears, a local of New Smyrna Beach, shared images of a waterspout he observed in the region at about 1:30 p.m. with FOX 35 News. A sailboat can be seen in the image being close to the waterspout’s course. According to the NWS, waterspouts resemble tornadoes over water and are connected to powerful thunderstorms. They are frequently accompanied by strong winds and waves, enormous hail, and a lot of damaging lightning.

When a waterspout is detected, the NWS advised moving 90 degrees away from the waterspout’s apparent motion. When a waterspout forms, those who are on the water should avoid going through it. Waterspouts are typically less powerful than tornadoes, but according to NWS authorities, they can still cause substantial harm to people and boats. At this time, there have been no verified reports of funnel clouds or tornadoes over land.

Rose Grande
Rose Grande
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