Waukesha Cop-involved Shooting Deceased Woman, Injured Officer

Waukesha Cop-involved Shooting: Deceased Woman, Injured Officer

Waukesha Cop-involved Shooting: Deceased Woman, Injured Officer: Wednesday’s shooting in Waukesha near Oakdale and Wisteria resulted in the death of a woman and injury to an officer. Around 3:35 p.m., police were called to a home on the city’s south side to check on someone’s well-being. Officers spoke with the landlord who called the police after seeing that his renter was acting erratically.

The woman was discovered in the basement while police checked the property with the landlord. The officer who was hit by the woman’s gunfire was a Waukesha police officer. The female cop then retaliated by firing.

Unmanned aerial vehicles were used by the Waukesha Police Department Deployable Technology Unit to locate the woman in the basement after they were dispatched to the site. The woman was discovered deceased in the basement when the police entered the house. Also found was a firearm.

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Two male victim officers were transported to the hospital, according to the police. The officer who was shot was donning an efficient ballistic vest. The 44-year-old victim cop has 21 years of service, while the 38-year-old victim officer has 12 years of service.

Nadia Kowalewski, who said that her mother resided in the home where the police were, was there when our teams initially got on the site. Before it was known that someone had passed away, we spoke with her. Kowalewski claimed that she attempted phoning her mother to find out what was happening but that she didn’t pick up.

She claimed that previous welfare checks on her mother never got out of hand like this. The welfare check, if it was, “I’m sure that just terrified her and she can stay in her shell a little bit,” Kowalewski said. “I’m just a little worried because I’m sure that my mom’s just extremely scared.”

Kowalewski contacted me just before a police press conference to inform me that her mother had passed away. The event will be looked at by the Milwaukee Area Investigation Team, which the Greenfield Police Department heads. According to police, the area is now secure and safe.