We Don't Cult Senator Who Isn't Committed To Voting Against The Cult Leader

We Don’t Cult Senator Who Isn’t Committed To Voting Against The Cult Leader

Republicans “closely connected with the past president” are to blame for the party’s midterm election defeats, according to Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.). However, he would not promise to oppose Donald Trump should he decide to run for president once more.

The Republican candidates who fell short, according to Cassidy, were “those that were most firmly associated with the past.” The Senate will remain under Democratic control as a result of those underwhelming performances and a strong showing by Democrats. While the outcome of the House majority is still up in the air, it is obvious that whichever party wins power, will be by a hair’s breadth.

Elections are about winning, Cassidy asserted in a Sunday interview on Meet the Press. Therefore, if people decide that’s where they want us to stay after looking at these election results, we won’t fare well.

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Cassidy has traditionally been sceptical of Trump and supported his conviction for his involvement in the attack on January 6 during his second impeachment. But Cassidy refrained from saying he would not back Trump after hearing that the former president intends to declare his run for president in 2024 on Tuesday.

“Can you envision having to back Donald Trump again if he’s the nominee of your party?” host Chuck Todd asked the senator. “Our party should be about the future,” Cassidy retorted. Our next candidate, in my opinion, will win because they will be focused on the present rather than the past. I intend to support a candidate who is focused on the future as a result.

And if that candidate is Donald Trump, do you intend to support him or her? Todd pressed. You’re giving me a theoretical, which I don’t think will actually happen because we need to be thinking ahead, Cassidy retorted. We ought to be a party of ideals and ideas, in my opinion. I appreciate that.

That’s how I’ve attempted to spend my life. And I believe that perspective will also be reflected in our next candidate. Cassidy’s hesitation to make it obvious that he will not support Trump simply adds to the cult’s credibility. Republicans understand that if you explicitly criticise the cult leader,