Florida Woman Was Given A Life Sentence For Killing An FSU Law Professor

A South Florida woman who participated in a murder-for-hire scheme that led to the shooting death of a local law professor has been given a life sentence in prison with additional time.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Magbanua’s attorney, Tara Kawass, had pleaded for the least severe punishment available. She gave a statement to the court on behalf of her client

Markel, a well-known attorney, was fatally shot in his automobile on July 18, 2014. He had just gone through a bitter divorce with Wendi Adelson. In court records, the two had argued and sparred over a number of matters

Police discovered that a Toyota Prius had “followed Markel’s car” both before and after his time in the gym, as well as into the fitness center’s parking lot. The victim was shot in the head while he sat in his car,