Nancy Cartwright Net Worth 2022: Income and Earning of Nancy Cartwright

In Dayton, Ohio, Cartwright was born. When she relocated to Hollywood in 1978, voice actor Daws Butler was her training partner.

The fourth of six children born to Frank and Miriam Cartwright, Cartwright was born in Dayton, Ohio. [3] She was raised in Kettering, Ohio, where she quickly realized she had a gift for singing.

In order to be nearer Butler and Hollywood, Cartwright switched to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) before returning to Ohio University for her second year.

On the day of her birthday in 1988, Cartwright met Warren Murphy, who was 24 years older than her. They became engaged and married two months later.

An American actress, comedian, and voice artist with the name of Nancy Cartwright works in film and television. Nancy Cartwright is worth $80 million.