WhatsApp Launches Chat Migration From Android To iOS

Users will be able to transfer their chat histories from Android to iPhone thanks to a new feature that WhatsApp is providing. Both new iPhones and iPhones that have been reset to factory settings can migrate chat history. The Move to iOS app must be installed on the user’s Android device in order to switch the account. According to the WhatsApp support page, both the Apple device and the Android device must be running iOS 15.5 or higher.

Users can move their account information, profile photo, private and public chats, chat history, media, settings, and individual and group chats by following the on-screen directions. The call history and display name, however, cannot be transferred. Users must download the most recent version of WhatsApp from the App Store after the transfer process is finished, launch the messaging app, and log in with the same phone number they used on their Android smartphone.

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Android to iPhone chat history transfer solely moves an individual’s WhatsApp data from one device to another. To create a backup of their WhatsApp data, Apple users must enable the iCloud backup feature. Additionally, until the user deletes the app or wipes their phone, WhatsApp data on the Android device will be accessible.

Users might move chats from some Android cellphones to iOS devices using the messaging service operated by Meta. WhatsApp started making it possible to transfer chat history from iOS to Samsung devices running Android 10 or higher in September of last year. Later, it worked with Google to make the feature available on a number of additional Android devices, such as Pixel phones and other smartphones running Android 12. One of the most frequently requested features, according to a previous statement from WhatsApp, is the capacity to “transfer chat history when moving phones from one operating system to another.”

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