Who is Amanda Kloots Dating? Is He In A Relationship

Setting the record straight on rumours that she is dating Michael Allio, Amanda Kloots When “The Talk” co-host uploaded a picture of herself looking cuddly with the “Bachelorette” alum in December of last year, it started rumours about the two. However, according to the musician, 39, “we wouldn’t be like, taking the picture and publicising it” if they were genuinely dating. The rumours, according to Kloots, “come from a good place.” She explained to E! News: “I have a fantastic group of followers that want the same for me. He has an incredible support system online and admirers all around who just want him to succeed in life and find love again.

Despite the fact that we were both laughing about it, neither of us were upset. People merely want us to be content and fall in love once more. There is nothing wrong with that, therefore. The dancer was married to Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who passed away in July 2020 at the age of 41 due to complications from COVID-19. Elvis, their kid, is now 2 years old. Allio, 37, is the father of James, 5, and the couple’s wife Laura Ritter-Allio passed away from cancer in January 2019.

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They first connected on social media at the urging of their pals. “Meeting others who are in the same situation as you is really nice when you’re a widow and a single mom. You feel less isolated as a result. When you’ve experienced trauma like we have, there is an immediate honesty and ease, she admitted. We both hail from Ohio, have young sons, and have experienced great hardship. We support one another. But that doesn’t mean Kloots isn’t prepared for a relationship.

“Listen, I love love, you know. Love is something I adore. I really enjoy being married,” she admitted. “I adore being in a committed relationship. I believe that, like Elvis, I yearn to see that family in my life once more. She is certain that her late spouse would have wanted the same for her. When I’m travelling, I always converse with Nick in the car, and before the holidays, I told him, “OK honey, it’s time. I need a really nice guy sent to me since I’m really lonely and would appreciate another embrace and kiss. Therefore, you must give me someone truly wonderful because I am ready.

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