Who Is David Dobrik Dating In 2022 Is He Single

Who Is David Dobrik Dating In 2022? Is He Single?

David Dobrik’s fans are more and more sure that he and his longtime assistant and friend Natalie Mariduena are having an affair on YouTube every day. Reports say that all of the coupley photos on their social media accounts are a lie. After announcing his divorce in June 2019, David said in an interview in August that he is “super single” (more on that later). He wasn’t even thinking about meeting someone new. Who are these old girlfriends he won’t see anymore? Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know.

In 2022, who is David Dobrik dating?

David Dobrik doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now. He seems to be too busy with his job as a YouTuber. Even though it seems like David is single and not dating anyone right now, the online celebrity has not confirmed this information. David’s only girlfriend was another YouTuber named Liza Koshy. Both of their relationships started on the app Vine. They started dating in 2015 but broke up in 2017 because they were both so busy. If his fans want to know more about his relationship when he meets the love of his life, he may tell them who he is dating.

Who are David Dobrik’s ex-girlfriends?

David has only ever been in a relationship with Liza Koshy, another YouTuber. Two years after they met on Vine, the couple broke up because they were both too busy. Six months later, they made an emotional video to say they were breaking up. David said at the time that Liza was the one who started the breakup. Because we have been so busy, she thought we had grown apart. “I didn’t want to admit it, but I was feeling the same way.

Liza said, “We felt like we were living different lives, but neither of us could accept it… At first, we didn’t want to tell anyone because we were so angry that we were separated. Our breakup had nothing to do with anything either of us did. Even though we are trying hard, we still have a long way to go.”

David said that they still see each other a year and a half after they broke up. In May 2019, he told J-14, “The last time I saw her, she was walking down the street.” We’re very close to each other. “I think we get along really well. That was exactly what I wanted. The good news is that it hasn’t gotten bad yet.

In 2019, David got married to Jason Nash’s mom.

He got married in front of his longtime girlfriend, Lorraine Nash after Jason made a joke that David would never have an ex-wife because no one would want to spend their whole lives with him. “A close friend of mine told me I would never find a partner and get married. That’s why I flew to his mom’s house and married her right then and there,” David tweeted in May. He says, “That same friend is now my stepdaughter.” “True love always wins,” no matter what happens.

The couple dated for only one month. It hurts my heart to hear that Lorraine and I are no longer together. I can only tell her that she is the best. “When two young people fall in love, they move quickly,” David said as a tease on Twitter. “Right now, we’d like you to respect our privacy.” Liza thought it was all very funny. “They’ll probably do anything for the vlog, to be honest,” said one observer. A year ago, she told Access, “They’re having fun, and it’s fun to see.”

Does David start Dating Natalie?

Yes, the high school friends sent out a Christmas card together, but it’s clear that they like making fun of their fans. David told Clevver News in December, “I’m not dating Natalie at all.” A lot of my friends are upset that no one in our group has a romantic relationship with [her]. He says that I only know her as a close friend. As for whether we’re dating or not, I’m afraid I don’t know.

Even though his divorce was finalized in November, he has no plans to start dating again soon. Maybe in about four or five years. “That’s when I hope to come back,” he told J-14. “I might be telling the truth, but I might also be making things up.” “I don’t know,” I said.

Who Does Natalie Now Date?

Natalie Mordovtseva started dating Johnny Vance after she appeared on 90 Days: The Single Life. Natalie Mariduena was David Dobrik’s assistant until 2012 when she quit the company. He used to work for Dispo, an American photo-sharing app, but has since quit. Despite the accusations, Natalie Mariduena still considers David a close friend.

Are David Dobrik And Liza Koshy Still Together?

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik were the “It” couple on YouTube, and everyone loved them. The two seemed like the perfect match because they had close friends in common, a similar sense of humor, and a similar online presence. During their relationship, they often posted videos together on their own YouTube channels and talked about each other on social media.

Over time, Koshy and Dobrik built a close-knit group of friends that became one of the main sources of their internet content, allowing them to make money from their funny pranks and crazy situational comedies. They chose to keep their breakup a secret for more than six months. But a very public movie about their breakup made the story go viral on social media (via YouTube). It’s funny in a typical Koshy and Dobrik way, but it’s clear that the two were devastated by the news. In fact, they say in the video that they needed a two-hour break to collect themselves.