Who is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now She Is Expecting First Baby

Who is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now: She Is Expecting First Baby

Kelly Mi Li was in a terrible on-and-off relationship with former red Power Ranger Andrew “Drew” Gray when Netflix users first encountered her on the first season of Bling Empire.

Despite their breakup during filming, their reunion was depicted in the Season 1 finale. Before Season 2, the couple broke up once more, although Andrew also made an unexpected appearance towards the end of the second season. Fans had to wait around five months to learn if he had returned to the programme to reunite with Kelly.

Kelly was prepared to continue her dating life when the Season 3 Bling Empire cast was re-filmed. The reality star revealed that she had started dating someone new towards the end of the season. Who is Kelly’s latest love interest, and are they still dating? Please continue reading to learn what Kelly has recently revealed about her romantic life.

Star of “Bling Empire” Kelly Mi Li is currently dating who?

Even though Bling Empire actor Kane Lim tried connecting Kelly and his friend John early in Season 3, they only went on a few dates before realising there was nothing there. But by the time the season finale arrived, Kelly admitted that she was seeing someone else, even if she wasn’t quite ready to tell her pals who it was.

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Kelly acknowledged being in a relationship in the third season’s tenth and final episode, “The One That Got Away.” Even though Kane was eager to share the news of his friend’s new relationship, he could keep any information about him a secret.

Kelly immediately dismissed Christine Chiu’s suspicions that she and Andrew had reconciled. However, she added that she believes her ex is a “wonderful person” and genuinely wants what is best for him.

Kelly remarked of her new boyfriend, “You’ll meet him when the time is appropriate. Despite keeping her new boyfriend’s name a secret, Kelly admitted during a confessional that she is in love. Indeed, I’ve suffered a lot of pain in the past. But I’ve at last discovered love. Added Kelly. “I’m eager to see where this leads, and I want to gradually expose him to the group.

Following Season 3 of “Bling Empire,” is Kelly still dating her boyfriend?

Kelly continued to tease her new relationship on her Instagram page after the release of Season 3 on Netflix. She acknowledged that she is still seeing the unidentified male. On October 6, a member of the O.G. Bling Empire cast posted a clip from the programme in which she is heard describing the ideal partner.

Kelly defined her ideal partner as “gentle, grounded, true, honest,” and “non-judgmental” in the video. Before joking that she was only searching for “the basic stuff,” Kelly listed some attributes in the tape. Along with three laughing and weeping emojis, Kelly added the phrase “This scenario tho” to her Instagram image.

However, I did find him [winky face emoji]. Therefore, girls, keep your standards high! If Bling Empire is renewed for a fourth season, fans might see Kelly’s unidentified beau as they are still dating.