Why Did Drew and Will Divorce What Went Wrong

Why Did Drew and Will Divorce: What Went Wrong

Why Did Drew and Will Divorce: What Went Wrong: While her marriage to Will Kopelman ended without scandal or a particular incident, according to Drew Barrymore, the trying year that followed left her “broken.” The daytime talk show host and actor spoke up to People about her troubles following her 2016 divorce from Kopelman, with whom she shares children Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8.

No scandal existed. The fact that nothing went wrong is cleaner, but because there isn’t The Thing to point to, it also makes things harder and more unclear,” she said. “We gave it our all to make it work. Divorce is the end of a dream, (a friend) once told me. That is exactly how it feels—like something that is irreversible.

Following the divorce, Barrymore put her attention on her daughters. When she turned 14, her parents granted her emancipation, but she did not want her children to go through life without a close-knit family.

“I am familiar with how that feels,” she remarked. What was the point of all of this if I didn’t learn anything from it? No one is leaving because they are a family. We all loved each other so much that I was determined to make it work.  Barrymore claimed that she battled drinking after a “cripplingly painful” year following the divorce. As a young performer in Hollywood in the 1980s, she had previously battled addiction.

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Alcohol did exactly what she needed it to do: dull the pain and make her happy. “For me, drinking was a constant that I could not change. You are powerless to make decisions that are in your best interests. You keep telling yourself you’ll get this, but it’s outsmarting you. After quitting drinking, she concentrated on her daughters and her talk program.

“After the life I had envisioned for my children didn’t pan out, I almost think that was tougher than the things [I went through] as a child, “said she. “Being that I wasn’t alone, it seemed much more genuine. I felt such strong emotion because of these kids. After that, I was probably caring for them so much that I neglected to care for myself. The journey through the flames and back to life was dirty, unpleasant, and agonising.

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Kopelman, 44, wed fashion director Alexandra Michler last year, and now Barrymore, 47, and Kopelman have a blended family. “The interesting thing is that the dream still exists today, “added woman. “It’s just different from what I vowed would happen.