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Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up: What Happened Between Them?

Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up

Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up

Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up: What Happened Between Them?: If you’re interested in learning what happened to Simon And Martina, you’ve come to the correct spot. Here, you can find more information, get answers to your questions, and have any doubts removed.

Here, we give our opinions on what happened to Simon and Martina and the most recent facts about them. To discover more about What Happened To Simon And Martina, indicate your interest in reading the article.

What transpired to Martina and Simon?

People are eager to learn what happened to Martina and Simon. They are YouTube video bloggers, and Martina Sazunic and Simon Stawski, two Canadian ex-pats, founded the channel in 2008. Videos on the channel covered topics like their daily lives in South Korea, cultural nuances, cuisine, and popular culture.

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They established their Seoul studio and registered Eatyourkimchi as a business in South Korea in 2012. The studio stayed active till 2015. The channel had 1.3 million subscribers as of May 2018. Then Simon and Martina were added to the channel’s name. After the couple publicly declared their divorce in 2021 and changed the YouTube channel’s name to Eatyourkimchi, Sazunic eventually abandoned the platform in 2022.

What transpired between Martina and Simon?

The breakup of EatYourKimchi Simon and Martina, a YouTube duo, is making news online. In 2021, Simon and Martina decided to divorce, and Simon also decided to move back to Ontario, Canada.

The reason for the breakup has not been disclosed, according to Reddit debate. Why do they suddenly want to end their relationship the way they know how, even though it had a lovely beginning?

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The fantastic couple left Ontario, Canada, and continued on their journey for business purposes. They continued to migrate to new countries. After their wedding, they moved to Windsor, Ontario, where they attended a teaching program before moving to Korea.

What Caused Simon and Martina to Split Up?

They are currently going through a divorce process. Simon primarily caused this divorce. Other people have observed that once Simon returned from New York in December 2019, the dynamic between the couple seemed to have changed.

Simon also acquired a purebred puppy named “Fudgy” (which sounds very close to “Spudgy”) and lost 50 pounds (I believe he may have lost more, but he just told us he lost 50, so he still seems “healthy”). In addition, Simon has been involved in numerous car accidents since returning to Canada. All of this conduct suggests that Simon is going through a midlife crisis and either plan to leave Martina or behaves in such a way as to get Martina to leave him.

I don’t observe any unusual conduct from Martina, but I do not rule out the possibility that she was the one to start the breakup. I’m sure Simon wanted to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but Martina would have angrily objected, given her precarious health. It’s possible that a disagreement about the 2020 Olympics split them apart or made Simon lose his cool.

Age of Martina and Simon

May 1, 1983, saw Martina’s birth. The woman is 39 years, seven months, and 21 days old. January 20, 1983, marked Simon Stawski’s birth. He has lived for 39 years, 11 months, and two days.

Net Worth Of Simon And Martin

The well-known YouTube video bloggers Simon and Martina provided tidbits about their daily lives in South Korea and the local cuisine, popular culture, and pop culture. Their net worth reached $5 million due to the gradual rise in her fame.

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