Why is Kevin Mccarthy Trying to Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas

Why is Kevin Mccarthy Trying to Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas?

The House minority leader and potential Speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), visited El Paso, Texas, this week to give a preview of what the incoming Republican congressional majority he hopes to lead will look like: aggressive action against the Biden administration’s immigration policies, particularly against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

During a press conference on Tuesday along the border between the United States and Mexico, McCarthy claimed that “his actions have produced the great surge of illegal immigration in recorded history.” “For this reason, I’m requesting the secretary’s resignation now.” He continued, “If Secretary Mayorkas does not quit, House Republicans will look at every directive, every action, and every omission to see if we can launch an impeachment investigation.

The GOP’s renewed emphasis on immigration in the run-up to the November elections was already hinted at by McCarthy. Still, Tuesday’s threat of possible impeachment for Mayorkas is a substantial — and pointed — step up in the party’s overall effort to limit migration across the southern border. Instead of merely a legislative plan to handle immigration as a whole, it symbolises a punitive move directed at the Biden administration.

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This escalation appears to be partially directed as much at McCarthy’s party as at the White House. Turning up the impeachment rhetoric for Mayorkas may quell growing calls within the GOP’s rightmost edge to initiate impeachment against the President himself, as The Washington Post’s Marianna Sotomayor and Maria Sacchetti observed this week.

The removal of Mayorkas, they argued, “may be enough of a scalp to throw at Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ base.” Republicans might avoid “creating a precedent for the House majority to impeach every president that is not of [their] party” by doing this, they added.

McCarthy, meanwhile, might also be acting for personal reasons. On Wednesday, Politico noted that the rhetorical escalation occurred as McCarthy “scrambles to stave off a far-right rebellion against his speaker ambition.”

According to Sotomayor and Sacchetti of The Post, who appear to agree, “McCarthy’s public declaration against Mayorkas was seen by some as an early signal to the Freedom Caucus that he is taking their calls to investigate the Biden administration at a time when he’s having trouble securing the 218 votes necessary to become speaker Jan. 3 officially.”

McCarthy made a point of bragging on Tuesday that he had already won the support of caucus co-founder Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and ardent MAGA Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) for his investigations, showing that he is indeed keeping an eye on his party’s rightmost flank during his battle for the Speaker’s gavel. He also disclosed to Fox News that he intended to hold the border hearings for Congress to highlight the area’s security concerns.

McCarthy threatened the White House on Tuesday, but Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed reporters that “McCarthy lacks a strategy. Republican Party policy is nonexistent. They only engage in political gimmicks.”