Wildfires Continue To Rage Across Europe

Videos of wildfires demonstrating the devastation caused by the heatwave now affecting Europe have started to circulate online. Western European nations, such as Spain, Portugal, France, and the United Kingdom, have experienced oppressive heat over the past few days, with some locations recording temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Wildfires have been caused by the high temperatures, and video of the destruction has already started to go viral on Twitter. A wildfire allegedly can be seen burning across a forest in Malaga, Spain, according to a video shared on the Twitter account Other Europe.

Residents in the province of Malaga are on high alert due to flames and smoke from a forest fire, the website captioned. A sizable wildfire close to Mijas, a municipality in the province of Malaga, has forced more than 3,000 residents to leave their homes. Another video from Spain, shared by the Twitter account The Hotshot Wakeup: Podcast, seems to show a massive cloud of smoke being fought by helicopters.

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The video’s caption read, “Spain: A huge spinning fire column is observed in the countryside of Spain.” The statement said, “Aviation and ground resources continue to strive to establish some degree of control over these fires. A second video that’s been going around on Twitter purports to depict a wildfire in Portugal. Trees can be seen burning swiftly in the video, which was provided by the Twitter account Millennaires, as smoke produces a haze at street level. In the distance, you can make out people running as the fire quickly spreads to neighbouring areas.

Online articles have discussed the effects of the wildfires in France brought on by the extreme weather.On its Twitter page, Reuters posted a video of a broadcast discussing the fires in south-west France. According to a Reuters story, around 1,000 firemen have been working to put out the wildfires in France’s Gironde area over the  past few days. More than 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of land were on fire in the Gironde region on Saturday, forcing about 14,000 residents to flee the area.

38 of France’s 96 departments were identified as being on “orange” notice in the most recent weather warning, and locals were encouraged to exercise caution. Monday is anticipated to be the heatwave’s climax, with temperatures exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Additionally, there have been wildfires raging all throughout the United States; one in Utah apparently started when a man’s generator exploded and spread to more than 4,000 acres of land.

Extreme droughts are currently occurring in Texas, California, and a number of other U.S. states, which may mean that wildfires are no longer confined to the summer. According to the most recent BBC Weather Europe forecast, Western Europe will continue to see high temperatures over the next days. In the coming week, the U.K. may also experience record-breaking high temperatures. Ben Rich, a weather forecaster for BBC, stated that “unprecedented temperatures are likely over the next couple of days [in the U.K.]”

He stated that some of the extremely hot weather that Portugal and southern Spain have experienced is beginning to cool off. He was speaking about temperatures for Europe starting on Monday. However, temperatures in Bordeaux and Paris are expected to reach 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), respectively. “Extreme temperatures of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit (40C) were recorded in various areas of England and Wales.

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