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Wisconsin News Anchor Death What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Wisconsin News Anchor Death By Suicide

Wisconsin News Anchor Death By Suicide

According to a source, the Wisconsin news presenter who committed suicide last month texted her fiance one more ominous message before shooting herself in the head in the house they had just bought.

anchor WAOW According to a police record that the Daily Mail was able to get, Neena Pacholke shot herself on August 27 just 90 minutes after purchasing a weapon and ammunition. The 27-year-old journalist texted Kyle Haase, her fiance, saying she could no longer stand “this pain” before she squeezed the trigger.

“Kyle, I adore you. According to the source, she texted him, “I always have and always will. “Despite how much you damaged me, I never lost faith. I’m very sorry, but I have to leave you because I can’t take any more suffering.

According to the Daily Mail, Haase, 38, dumped Pacholke seven weeks before their wedding. When he got the ominous text, he was on a flight to Minnesota to see his mother and his kids from a previous relationship.

He contacted 911 and asked for a welfare check at the house he and Pacholke shared, but the cops weren’t there in time. A worried friend had earlier removed all weapons from the house out of worry that Pacholke may hurt herself. The morning after she shot herself, she went shopping and bought a firearm.

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According to the police report, when authorities arrived they also discovered a receipt from Zingers and Flingers armament store for a 9mm handgun and a box of ammo. She had died inside the bedroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

She had looked up ways to kill herself on Google the previous evening, according to her phone’s history, and she had also sent her sister devastating SMS. She contacted her sister, writing that she was “broken” and that Hasse had informed her he hates her and will be rich once I am gone.

Friends informed the site that the couple’s two-year marriage was frequently problematic because they quarreled frequently and there were persistent accusations of infidelity. They said that Pacholke once reported discovering an odd pair of underwear inside their home and that Hasse had allegedly spoken disparagingly of his fiancé to others.

On October 12, the couple was scheduled to wed in Mexico. Call 1-888-NYC-WELL for free, private crisis counseling if you live in New York City and are having suicidal thoughts or are going through a mental health crisis. You can reach the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 or visit if you are outside of the five boroughs.

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