Woman Caught In Gun Battle At Atlantic Station Police Say

Woman Caught In Gun Battle At Atlantic Station, Police Say

Police in Atlanta is looking for those involved in an alleged nighttime gunfight in Midtown that left an onlooker in the hospital. According to investigators with the Atlanta Police Department, they received the call regarding a person shot at 17th and State streets at roughly 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

A car was parked at the intersection when the police arrived on the scene. A woman who had been shot numerous times was found inside the vehicle. The victim, who was described as a lady in her 30s, was taken urgently to a hospital close by. She should be able to recuperate from her wounds. According to the police, it appears that she was caught up in a gunfight.

According to the preliminary information we currently have, there may have been an ongoing gunfight in Atlantic Station. We discovered several gun rounds, or more precisely, gun shells—roughly 12 to 14 shell casings “Christian Hunt, the APD captain, said. According to investigators, the shooting began between 17th and Peachtree Streets and continued for several blocks, impacting three additional structures.


We also discovered six shot casings in the 1700 block of Peachtree Street, just around the corner. Additionally, there were two different calibres of gun casings, therefore we believe they are connected. Our investigators will have to put in a lot of effort to put everything together “explained Hunt.

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According to the police, they are employing all of their resources to identify the perpetrators. “This cannot be tolerated. We are addressing it “said Hunt. “And we constantly need the community to work with us as a partner to do this task.”

Police suspect a black SUV was one of the vehicles involved in the gunfight. They are trying to get a more accurate description of both autos using CCTV footage. You should get in touch with the Atlanta Police Department if you have any information on the shooting.