Young Girl Shares Shark Attack Survival Story Off Florida Coast

Young Girl Shares Shark Attack Survival Story Off Florida Coast

A 10-year-old girl who was attacked by a shark off the east coast of Florida over the weekend is sharing her survival story. On Sunday afternoon, Jasmine Carney claimed to have encountered a shark while swimming off Hobe Sound Beach.

Carney stated during an interview with NBC station WPTV-TV, “I fought a shark and won. “I felt something grab me. It was grey and appeared to be rather large. I was like, “Kick it (and) get away” because it stung.” Nana, Carney’s adoptive grandma, expressed her astonishment at what transpired.

“Screaming “Nana! Nana!” she ran up that shore. I received a bite. I got bit by something “She remembered. “And I went to get a lifeguard after seeing all the blood.” The little patient was transported by helicopter to Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, where she received treatment for a severe right foot injury.

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Her surgeon, Dr. Nir Hus, said that “there’s a piece missing.” Fortunately for her, she was just bitten in this one place. Hus anticipates the youngster will recover fully in one to two months. Jackson, her six-year-old brother, is reportedly keeping Carney calm for the time being.

She explained, “He’s kind of interested, so I might as well keep calm because I know he wouldn’t want me to be terrified because he’s the finest little brother in the world.