Your Honor Season 2 Release Date

Your Honor Season 2 Release Date: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More Updates!

Stan has released the full trailer for Season 2 of Bryan Cranston’s Emmy-winning legal thriller Your Honor.
Season 2 of the popular legal thriller will start on Stan on January 14, the same day as in the US.
In the US, the first season of the popular show broke records for how many people watched on a network. In the extended trailer for Season 2, which you can watch above, it’s clear that some of the characters will try to find salvation, while others will try to get back at those who hurt them.

What is Your Honor about?

Cranston plays Michael Desiato in the movie Your Honor. He is a respected judge in New Orleans whose good life is turned upside down when his teenage son accidentally kills the son of a notorious crime boss (Michael Stuhlbarg).

How can I watch Your Honor in Australia?

Season 1 can be watched in Australia on Stan right now, and Season 2 will also be available on Stan on January 14.

What does the Season 2 trailer reveal?

The full trailer for Your Honor Season 2 just came out, and it shows us what to look forward to in the next season. In the first few seconds, Michael Desiato thinks about what led him to be in such a bad situation.
He says, “Everything that happened came from that one moment, that one choice.”After what happened at the end of Season 1, Michael seems to have let himself go and pretty much given up, based on what the trailer shows.

But it doesn’t look like Michael will have time to feel sorry for himself because he’s been given a chance to learn more about the web of crime groups that keeps growing in New Orleans.
A woman tells Michael, “I’m giving you a chance to make up for what you’ve done by getting rid of a whole group of criminals for good. I can’t help you,” Michael confesses.

But the woman’s question, “Have I made you think that any of this is optional?” makes it seem like Michael won’t have a choice. Of course, the criminal organization the two are talking about is the Baxter family, and once again, the family shows that they are not to be taken seriously.

Your Honor Season 2 Release Date
Your Honor Season 2 Release Date

Michael tells a partner, “The last time I saw someone get in Baxter’s way, he shot him in the head,”
And with Jimmy Baxter’s reputation, Michael has every reason to keep an eye on his back.
We won’t know exactly what happens between Michael and the Baxters until Season 2 starts, but if the trailer is any indication, there will be a lot of action as Michael and the Baxters race, fight, shoot, and torture each other.

Jimmy isn’t the only person Baxter Michael needs to be careful of. Jimmy’s wife Gina is also angry and needs to be watched. Gina says, “Anger is where I thrive” right before she and Michael have a tense meeting.
In the last few seconds of the trailer, a woman’s voice says, “If we do this right, everyone will get what they deserve.”
Another trailer for the season came out before, and you can watch it here:

Who is on the Your Honor cast?

Bryan Cranston, who was nominated for an Oscar and has won Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Tony Awards, is part of a star-studded cast. Emmy nominee Hope Davis (Love Life, American Crime) plays Jimmy’s wife Gina, who is sometimes more dangerous and driven than her husband. Isiah Whitlock Jr., who is known for his role on The Wire, plays Michael’s best friend and local politician Charlie.

Returning as guest stars are Rosie Perez (The Flight Attendant), Margo Martindale (The Americans), and Amy Landecker (Transparent). Martindale comes back as Senator Elizabeth Guthrie, the mother of Desiato’s late wife and one of the few connections he has left to his old life.

Detective Nancy Costello, played by Landecker, has been hurt by her friendship with Desiato and won’t give up until she finds out the truth. Olivia Delmont, who Perez plays, is a charismatic assistant US attorney who must use a reluctant asset to bring down a criminal organization in New Orleans.
Regulars from the first half of the season will be Lilli Kay (Chambers), Keith Machekanyanga (The Rookie), Andrene Ward-Hammond (61st Street), Jimi Stanton (Blue Bloods), and Benjamin Flores Jr. (The Haunted Hathaways).

Who are the creators of Your Honor?

Robert and Michelle King (The Good Fight, The Good Wife, Evil) and Liz Glotzer (Evil, The Good Fight) are nominated for Emmys for their work on the show. Joey Hartstone (The Good Fight) is the showrunner and executive producer for Season 2. Cranston and James Degus, who made the movie “All the Way,” are the show’s executive producers for Moonshot Entertainment. The new season of Your Honor starts on Stan on January 14, the same day as in the US.

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