Zac Efron Accident Here's What Happened (1)

Zac Efron Accident Here’s What Happened

The Baywatch star Zac Efron admitted that a house accident last year that left his jaw and chin broken nearly killed him. The actor dispelled accusations of plastic surgery in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Zac’s accident

According to Zac Efron, a last-year accident caused a face modification that he had seen. The actor claims that while running at his house, he unintentionally tripped on a pair of socks, falling and striking his head on a granite fountain before passing out. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that his chin bone was protruding from his face.

Zac Efron Accident Here's What Happened (2)

Why was he popular?

Zac gained popularity with his appearance in the “Earth Day! The Musical” video, which was later made public. The suspicions started when he appeared in the musical with a more pronounced chin and jawline. Knowing that Bill Nye and Justin Bieber would work together on a musical, he referred to Nye as a genius.

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Responses from others

During The Kyle and Jackie O show, celebrities like Kyle defended Zac. Given his attractive appearance, he claimed that surgery was not the best course of action. Dr Anthony Youn also shared his thoughts on the subject.

 In a then-posted TikTok video, Dr Youn said that Zac might have had dental surgery rather than plastic surgery. In the Men’s Health interview, Zac also discusses his evolving physical appearance, admitting that his notably ripped physique for the 2017 Baywatch film is not “actually attainable.”

Additionally, he spoke about the long-term impacts of his intense training regimen, bland diet (consisting of the same three meals every day), and inadequate sleep. He continued by saying that he started having trouble sleeping and experienced long-lasting extreme depression. In the end, it was attributed to utilising diuretics for an excessive amount of time, which resulted in something going wrong.

When did he finally get his chance?

Efron’s breakthrough performance occurred in the Disney movie High School Musical in 2006. He played Troy Bolton, one of the best high school basketball players. After learning he also enjoyed theatre, the latter was forced to choose between participating in the school musical and the championship basketball game.

Which other movies has he appeared in?

The well-liked musical series was followed by a prosperous career. Later, Zac made other musical cinema appearances in movies including Hairspray and The Greatest Showman. He has been in films such as Neighbors, Charlie St. Cloud, and 17 Again which aren’t musicals.