Aaron Rodgers Plans to Join the New York Jets in 2023

Aaron Rodgers Plans to Join the New York Jets in 2023

Another Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame quarterback, who is ironically a little older than the last QB, is reportedly being tried out by the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback who won the Super Bowl MVP award, verified the lingering allegations on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday.

Rodgers said:

“I made it clear that my intention was to play for the New York Jets.”

Rodgers claimed that the conditions of the transfer were still being worked out. Therefore, no deal was formally announced. The Jets tweeted googly eyes on The Pat McAfee Show almost precisely when he declared his intention.

Wow, it almost seems like they knew. Rodgers gave a hint to this effect on Wednesday when he stated that the choice had already been decided days earlier, but he was still customarily evasive. The next step is to work out compensation.

Aaron Rodgers Plans to Join the New York Jets in 2023
Aaron Rodgers Plans to Join the New York Jets in 2023

Even for Rodgers, who has a reputation for being unexpected when making decisions in the NFL, his comments on The Pat McAfee Show and the Jets’ tweet left little room for doubt. When questioned about playing in New York vs. retiring, which had also been speculated for the better part of the last year, Rodgers said the apparent move was a good transition for the “next chapter” of his life.

Although Rodgers is not a free agent, NFL free agency officially begins at 4 p.m., and his future is uncertain simply because he is Rodgers. When asked repeatedly about his meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson and potential future in New York, the 39-year-old responded with “keep tuned” while brooding in a pitch-black retreat last month.

Yet lately, everything has pointed to the emergence of the Big Apple. The other two top free-agent quarterbacks, Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo, are rumored to be off the market despite the Jets have made it apparent they were searching. Then Rodgers’ purported “wish list” of athletes he allegedly wants to join the journey appeared.

The Jets apparently struck a deal with Allen Lazard, one of Rodgers’ favorite and most dependable receivers, according to the newest news. One of the three Packers on Rodgers’ rumored wish list was Lazard. On Wednesday afternoon, something occurred.

He also wants Odell Beckham Jr., a former Giants, Browns, and Rams star. Aaron Rodgers’ future as a player is currently unknown. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk analyzes what the other teams might be considering as Aaron Rodgers’ decision approaches at the age of 39.

Since Joe Namath won the Jets’ lone Super Bowl in 1969, they have searched for their franchise quarterback. Since 2009, they have utilized three of the top five picks in the draft—Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold, and Zach Wilson—as well as second-round picks on Geno Smith, who recently had a comeback in Seattle, and Christian Hackenberg (ugh).

Throughout that time, they have a 90–136 record and have only recorded three seasons above average. 500 during that time. When Brett Favre joined Gang Green in 2008, he was already 38 years old. He didn’t stay there past the season and left for the Minnesota Vikings, where he played for the following two and excelled, before quitting in 2010.

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However, Rodgers is coming off a 2022 season in which he had his lowest passer rating as a starter and threw 12 interceptions, his highest total since 2008. Rodgers won MVP awards with the Packers in 2020 and 2021. The Packers’ three-year winning streak in the NFC North came to an end as they finished 8-9 and missed the playoffs.

His impending arrival would intensify the turmoil in the AFC East Conference, which has already experienced dramatic changes as a result of the departure of Tom Brady from New England, the ascent of Josh Allen in Buffalo, the rise of Tua Tagovailoa, and the drafting of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle by his team.

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