Aiden Grefe Obituary

Aiden Grefe Obituary – Friends and Family Remember Oneida County Teen!

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Authorities have identified the decesed youths as Dakota Brown and Aiden Grefe, and the community of Merrill is mourning their loss.

Waid Funerl Home in Merrill, Wisconsin announced the deth of Aiden Grefe on Monday, April 17, 2023. The funeɼal home says that the following services have been planned: On April 24, 2023, at 11 a.m., there will be a memorial service at Les & Jim’s Lincoln Lanes Banquet Hall, 1208 N. Center Ave., Merrill, WI.

Davin Winzer, a childhood friend of Aiden’s said –

“How much of an impact he put on people’s lives in a positive way, and how he put people before himself.”

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Aiden Grefe, 17, and Dakota Brown, 16, were discovered decesed after being reported missing for several days. Grefe’s family saying in a statement –

“Aiden would do anything for the ones that he loved. He was extremely passionate for other people, including his family that he loved with every bit of his heart”

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Winzer echoing those words saying –

“He just always made sure to keep in contact. Keep up. Check up on me. See how I was doing.”

A family friend of Dakota Brown said she was a fun-loving girl who was always happy with her family and always looked forward to a bright future. At Merrill High School, they say that they brought in therapy dogs, counselors, and held a memorial.