Are Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson Related?

Are Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson Related? The Actress is All Set to Play a Singer in a Biopic Film!

Fans are speculating whether Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson are related to one another after the two actresses highlighted their uncanny likeness. Oftentimes, people assume that celebrities with similar names are linked to one another through blood.

Beginning in 2023, a similar misunderstanding erupted online when fans assumed Rebel Wilson and Owen Wilson might be connected due to their last names. The surprising resemblance between the ICU singer and the Bel Air actress, however, has led many to wonder if they are connected.

Are Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson Related?

Are Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson Related?
Are Coco Jones and Jennifer Hudson Related?

No, Jennifer Hudson and Coco Jones are not related to one another. Because of their similarities in appearance, it is assumed that the stars are related. With their similar appearances, it might be challenging to distinguish between them.

During the most recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the actress admitted that she routinely makes mistakes and that she has now started contributing to them. Being mistaken for Hudson, whom she admires, makes Coco ecstatic. She said (as reported by Yahoo)

“I take it as such a compliment because you know you have been so impactful in my life. Just watching you, another beautiful dark-skinned woman, k!lling it. That’s my motivation.” 

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Is the actress willing to play the singer in a biopic film? Coco is not only enjoying the attention she is receiving for her resemblance to Jennifer, but she is also prepared to appear as the latter on TV. When Coco’s name keeps coming up, Jennifer claims people are asking who should play her in a biopic.

On hearing this, the actress adds (According to Billboard)

“Stop playing with me. I’m ready at this point.”

Jennifer doesn’t clarify confused fans, even when she is asked whether she is Coco. Instead, she just goes along with the conversation. Now, Bel-Air, a Peacock original sitcom, stars Coco.

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