Bailey announces candidacy for Greene County

Bailey has Declared his Intention to Run for Greene County Commissioner

Christine Bailey (Shipley) has declared her candidature for the Democratic nomination for Greene County commissioner in the May primary. Bailey claims to have direct knowledge of the difficulties faced by local business owners, and she is committed to fostering a climate conducive to economic development in the county so as to attract more enterprises prepared to pay competitive wages.

Bailey has also stated that she thinks lowering personal tax rates is possible if we encourage the growth of small businesses and the industrial sector. In Bailey’s vision for Greene County, higher educational standards are a primary priority.

She has pledged to collaborate with school administrators to boost student performance, with the hopes of attracting and keeping bright young people who can contribute to the county’s economic prosperity through their education. Bringing in festivals and focusing on tourism are two ways that Bailey plans to broaden Greene County’s economic foundation.

Bailey announces candidacy for Greene County
Bailey announces candidacy for Greene County

In Greene County, Bailey has worked with the sheriff’s office for the past five years. She claims that it will be easy for her to transfer into the post of county commissioner because she is familiar with county procedures. Bailey has stated that she thinks it is time for Greene to put more effort into attracting businesses and improving county revenue.

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Bailey and her husband Ronnie have been residents of Greene County since 1989, where they are currently bringing up their son. When asked about her qualifications to serve Greene County, Bailey stated she is “passionate and outspoken” about the subjects she cares about.

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