Becky Rothman Obituary

Becky Rothman Obituary: St. Louis Queen of Carpet Deἀd at 67!

Details of Becky Rothman’s obituary, known as the “Queen of Carpet” in St. Louis, are provided here. At 67, Becky Rothman pssed away on Sunday, May 28, 2023. The “Queen of Carpet” in St. Louis, Becky Rothman, was well-liked by the neighborhood.

Her captivating personality and amusing advertising have enthralled generations of St. Louisans. Becky’s father, Murray, founded Veterans Linoleum and Rug Co. in East St. Louis in 1946. Murray was born on February 3, 1956, into a family with a background in the flooring industry.

Becky Rothman became well-known thanks to her roles in several commercials, especially those in which she co-starred with Wanda Kilzer, also called the “Princess of Tile.” Becky and Wanda rose to fame as the faces of the flooring industry in St. Louis while donning stunning sequined costumes and tiaras.

Their television advertisements, which began airing in the early 1990s, greatly impacted the neighborhood. In addition to her remarkable career in advertising, Becky Rothman also penned several of the commercials.

She worked with Mark Earls to film at several places throughout the St. Louis region to realize her imaginative ideas. She sometimes incorporated whimsical ideas into her ads, one of which had her daughter Rachel as a younger version of Wanda.

Becky Rothman Obituary
Becky Rothman Obituary

Residents of St. Louis, who regarded Becky Rothman as a local icon alongside celebrities like John Goodman and Jon Hamm, were saddened by her loss. She earned the well-deserved moniker of “Queen of Carpet” thanks to her advertisements for Becky’s Carpet & Tile Superstore, which became an essential part of St. Louis culture.

Becky Rothman Obituary

The “Queen of Carpet,” Becky Rothman, pssed away on Sunday (May 28), leaving a legacy that touched many generations of St. Louis citizens. Numerous people were delighted and entertained by her iconic commercials in which she skillfully flew over the Gateway Arch on a rug.

Online users have expressed their sympathy and support for Becky Rothman’s family and loved ones through this unexpected loss, which has attracted much attention since the news of her deth at 67 broke. Numerous people have used social media after Becky Rothman’s loss to express their condolences and honor her extraordinary life.

We send Becky Rothman’s family, friends, and loved ones our sincere condolences during this trying time, and we wish them comfort and fortitude to get through this loss. Becky Rothman’s pἀssing deeply saddens the community, but we treasure the memories she made and the happiness she brought to so many people’s lives. As we cherish her memory and are grateful for her, may she rest in peace forever.

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Becky Rothman, St. Louis Queen of Carpet, Ded at 67 

Becky Rothman, the cherished “Queen of Carpet” in St. Louis, ded at 67. For nearly three decades, generations of St. Louis residents have enjoyed and been entertained by her iconic ads, in which she soars above the Gateway Arch on a rug.

Rothman’s sudden deth was verified by her nephew Marc on Monday afternoon. He disclosed that she had been receiving dialysis for a while before pssing away at Missouri Baptist Medical Center due to complications from kidney llness.

People who appreciated Becky Rothman’s captivating presence and the joy she spread through her enduring commercials are left empty by her passing. Her reputation as the “Queen of Carpet” will live on in the hearts and minds of the people of St. Louis forever.

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