Bradley Hutchinson Obituary

Bradley Hutchinson Obituary: He Dies in Croydon Stabbing

A 20-year-old Addington High School alumnus named Bradley Hutchinson tragically passed away in New Addington. According to reports, he was fatally stabbed after a brawl in Croydon that featured a knife.

In connection with this event, police detained a 19-year-old guy on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. See Bradley Hutchinson obituary details below:

Bradley Hutchinson Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

At a later time, his family will inform us of Bradley Hutchinson’s funeral plans and obituary. The family needs time to grieve their grief and start the healing process right now. They will inform us of Bradley’s funeral arrangements when they are ready to do so.

How Did Bradley Hutchinson Die?

Bradley Hutchinson Obituary
Bradley Hutchinson Obituary

Police responded quickly to the unfortunate tragedy, which happened at around 5:40 p.m. in the North Walk neighborhood. Due to reports of two people being stabbed, they were called to the location.

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According to a number of news sources, a person wearing a balaclava suddenly attacked two men in Croydon. One of the men, who was 20 years old, was fatally stabbed throughout the course of the encounter.

The other victim, a 19-year-old who will remain unnamed, was taken to the hospital right away for treatment. The 19-year-old appears to be in stable health and is not in danger of dying. Police officers thoroughly scoured the neighborhood after the event, knocking on doors and reviewing nearby CCTV footage.

Teams of forensic specialists were also sent out to acquire important evidence. Detectives are urgently looking for any video evidence that could provide more information about this daytime stabbing incident and have put a 20-year-old male into custody on suspicion of murder. See the Tweet below for more details:

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