Brandon Hopps Obituary

Brandon Hopps Obituary: A Tribute to a Firefighter

We do so with a heavy heart and much sorrow as we inform you of the untimely pssing of firefighter Brandon Hopps. For the previous ten years, Brandon worked for the Department. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. He served as the board of directors’ treasurer for the previous few years.

Everyone will miss Brandon because he was a crucial part of the team. As you go about your day, kindly remember to pray for and think about the Hopps family. Brandon left behind his parents, Michelle Hopper (Brian) and Merlin Friel (Fran), and his brothers Hunter-Lee, Riley-May, Stryker, and Kacey.

He also left behind his child, Knox, and Megan Goodman, Knox’s mother. Mel Friel (Gail) and Gladys Hopper (Len) are the grandparents. The best buddy of his entire life, Justin Wiersma, pssed away. The grandparents’ names are Joyce Friel and David Hopper.

On November 12, 1982, Hopper was born in Edmonton, Canada, a city in the province of Alberta. Knox was Brandon’s only child and he was a loving and attentive father to him. He loved playing various sports and was excellent at his favorites, lacrosse, hockey, and squash.

Brandon Hopps Obituary
Brandon Hopps Obituary

Because of his aptitude for handling difficult situations, Brandon’s close friends and family frequently sought his advice and support. When he wasn’t working, he liked to climb trees, squash at one in the morning and play chess and cards. His mind was constantly active.

Everyone who got the chance to contact him concurred that he was a unique young guy. He had and still has a wide variety of close friends. He has continued to live in a unique manner as well. His dry sense of humor could make even the worst situations brighter and cheer up everyone fortunate enough to be in his company.

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Being in the room with Brandon ensured there was never a dull moment. We are all in disbelief over the deth of the man who was always there for us when we needed him.

Because he had such a big heart and was so firmly committed to his ideals, Brandon’s family and friends would miss him terribly. They will remember him for the love and friendship he brought into their lives.

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