David Choe Net Worth

David Choe Net Worth: How Prosperous is He at This Point?

What is the worth of artist David Choe, who recently discussed how he acquired his millions on Joe Rogan’s podcast? On Tuesday’s (April 4, 2023) episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, David Choe made a statement when he entered the studio wearing a red face paint.

Fans were interested in other things as well. The musician talked about how he amassed his wealth, which is more than double Joe Rogan’s.

David Choe Net Worth

The reported net worth of 46-year-old Choe is $300 million. The paintings in Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters are what made the graffiti and painter famous. Initially a visual novelist, David self-published his work in the late 1990s.

Nevertheless, in the early 2000s, he received his big break when he began accepting commissions from famous people, including ex-madam Heidi Fleiss. Choe was hired by Sean Parker, a co-founder of Napster, in 2005 to beautify the fledgling start-up Facebook.

David Choe Net Worth
David Choe Net Worth

Parker urged him to take payment in the form of company stock rather than cash when he requested $60,000 to paint the entire interior with suggestive graphics. Choe chose the former and owned $200 million worth of equities in 2012, when each share was worth $38.

Since then, the Korean-American has provided illustrations for publications like Vice, Hustler, and Ray Gun. Also, he has hosted a number of foreign one-man shows. In his most recent project, he plays the lead in the Netflix series Beef, which also stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

Choe’s inventions are not his only source of money David acknowledged that he also made millions through stocks and gambling. he recalled of his early career (According to HITC)

“I had subscribed to the starving artist type. I was like, Top Ramen and holes in your clothes. I was like, that is what a real artist is…until I met a successful artist. I remember I was in my early 20s and man, people sure talk about money a lot. And I go, it doesn’t seem that hard to me and I’m like, what if I just try to be as rich as possible for the next 10 years? So, I did it. It was a lot of work.”

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David Choe Sported a Red Face, but He’s Done It Before

David has a distinctive red appearance that might confound those of you who are unfamiliar with him, but it seems to be a recurring motif. Choe wore a similar white blouse and the same jewelry when she attended the Beef premiere. The icing on the cake were his red-painted feet and legs.

He never explained why he had his face painted for the show but chuckled that it was obvious he was from Los Angeles. Follow us on our social media handles like our Facebook Page and Twitter.

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