Charlie Newling Obituary

Charlie Newling Obituary: The Bachelorette Star Dead at 36

On Australian television, Charlie Newling was well-known for appearing on the Channel 10 dating reality program The Bachelorette. His connection with Ali Oetjen dominated his time on the show and made him famous among fans.

Charlie was sometimes referred to as “Mr. Perfect” because of how much he valued family, but there was significant controversy when he didn’t introduce Ali to his family until after they started dating. After appearing on The Bachelorette, Charlie ran into legal issues, including one where he allegedly got into a fight with security personnel.

In addition, he was charged with sending threatening communications, which resulted in a 13-month prison term. He was charged with drunk driving in 2021, which increased his legal troubles. Charlie has relationships with noteworthy people outside of his television roles, including influencer Esme DeWitt in 2019 and Dasha Gaivoronski from The Bachelor in 2018.

His life was characterized by a mixture of notoriety, controversy, and individual struggles. In spite of rescuers’ best efforts to save him, reality TV star Charlie Newling, known for The Bachelorette Australia, unfortunately, passed away at age 36 in a car accident on September 9, 2023, as his vehicle went off a cliff in Dover Heights, Sydney.

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Charlie Newling Obituary 

Sadly, 36-year-old Charlie Newling, a star of The Bachelorette Australia, has passed away. In Dover Heights, Sydney, only two months after welcoming his second kid, he perished when his automobile slid down a cliff.

Charlie Newling Obituary
Charlie Newling Obituary

The cause of his death is not being investigated despite the fact that his burning car was discovered at the base of a 70-meter precipice. Charlie rose to prominence on The Bachelorette Australia’s 2018 season, but he also encountered controversy both on and off the set.

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His past was similarly problematic, including legal troubles. Despite his difficulties, his sudden demise has left friends and family in sadness.  The formal death certificate and funeral intentions of Charlie Newling have not been publicly disclosed.

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Charlie Newling’s Cause of Death

At the age of 36, reality television personality Charlie Newling, best known for his involvement on The Bachelorette Australia, tragically passed away. He was engaged in an automobile accident on September 9, 2023, in Dover Heights, Sydney, in which his car drove off a cliff.

Despite their best attempts, paramedics were unsuccessful in reviving him. A police inquiry into the incident has been started in New South Wales, although no evidence of wrongdoing has been found so far. Charlie’s lifeless body was found in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs on the same day.

Further information regarding the circumstances of his death is withheld pending the coroner’s report. Locals discovered Charlie’s car underneath the cliff and immediately notified the authorities, but more details about the collision are still pending official disclosure.

Due to his romance with Ali Oetjen, Charlie Newling’s appearance on The Bachelorette helped him gain popularity. He encountered legal issues and difficulties after leaving the show, including a DUI accusation in 2021. His passing causes sadness among his friends, followers, and the reality TV industry.

The Daily Mail claims that paramedics made an attempt to revive Newling at around 11 p.m. but were unsuccessful. Although a report for the coroner is being written, it was determined that his death was not suspicious.

Recently over a month before his tragic passing, Newling and his partner, Kristal Taylor, had recently welcomed their infant daughter. The reality star also has a son, age 13, from a previous relationship.

Charlie Newling in The Bachelorette

Charlie Newling rose to fame after appearing on the Channel 10 dating program The Bachelorette. His interaction with Ali Oetjen on the broadcast piqued the interest of the viewers.

However, Charlie’s decision to hold off on introducing Ali to his family until they had a committed relationship upset some people. Since his stint on the show, fans have lovingly dubbed him “Mr. Perfect” due to his firm conviction in family values.

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