Chris Kyle Cause of Deἀth

How Did Chris Kyle Pἀss Away? Cause Of Deἀth Revealed

Chris Kyle ded tragically ten years ago, but his memory continues to live on through a best-selling autobiography, an Oscar-nominated blockbuster film directed by Clint Eastwood, and numerous foundations established in his honor.

How Did Chris Kyle Pἀss Away?

Eddie Ray Routh, who was convicted in 2013 of shóóting Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, gave the jury a transcript of his confession audio in which he detailed why he klled both men.  Kyle, a former Navy SEAL who gained notoriety as the author of the best-selling memoirs American Sniper, and his pal Littlefield offered to accompany Routh to a shóóting range.

Kyle thought that the visit would be beneficial for Routh’s post-traumatic stress disorder. Kyle often collaborated with veterans in his employment after leaving the service. This resulted in Routh’s mother contacting him and requesting his assistance for her son.

In an interview with a Texas ranger, Routh, a 25-year-old Marine Corps veteran, justified his actions. He said that he shót Kyle first because he could “clearly identify” him. He claims in the video, that the audio from the footage was played for the jury in 2015 but was not made available to the media:

“I imagine they’re headhunters, trying to hunt everybody down.”

In the courtroom, the ranger who spoke with Routh in the video stated:

“He stated that he knew it was wrong to kll them, that he wished he hadn’t done it, that if he could apologise to the families, he would.”

While witnesses for the prosecution testified that they believed Routh was fabricating schizophrenia, Routh’s attorneys asserted that he was mad at the time of the murdeɼs. Routh was convicted guilty of klling both men on February 24, 2015.

Chris Kyle Cause of Deἀth
Chris Kyle Cause of Deἀth

The judge gave him a life sentence in jail without the chance of release since the prosecution had chosen before the trial not to seek the deth penalty. The prosecution claimed that Kyle texted Littlefield as they were driving to the resort and described Routh as “straight-up nuts” in the text message.

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The deths of Kyle and Littlefield were found by a resort employee, and both had sustained multiple gunshót wounds. Routh drove Kyle’s pickup away from the shóóting range and to his sister’s house, where he claimed to have klled two people before being apprehended.

Thousands of people attended a memorial service at AT&T Stadium days after Kyle, a husband, father of two, and decorated war veteran, pssed away. In addition to dozens of military troops, about 7,000 individuals attended, including former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.

ForAmerica said in a tweet that Chris was the most dedly sniper in US history and a real hero:

Randy Travis performed “Whisper My Name,” a special song for the newlyweds, as Taya Kyle gave a eulogy. Following the service, bagpipers performed as military men carried Kyle’s flag-draped casket outside, to the applause of the assembled people.

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