Comedian Ron Sexton Cause of Deἀth

How Did Ron Sexton Aka Donnie Baker Dἰe? Cause Of Deἀth Revealed

During a stand-up comedy tour in Ohio on July 21, 2023, comedian and native of Indiana Ron Sexton pssed away abruptly. The devastating news of the radio personality’s pssing at the age of 52 has left friends, family, and other radio stars from The Bob & Tom Show in despair.

The radio station has already expressed its profound sympathies to Ron’s friends and family. Ron was best known for his various roles on The Bob & Tom Show, including Donnie Baker and Floyd the Trucker.

The comedian’s deth may be questioned given how abruptly he pssed away. In light of this, the following information regarding Ron Sexton (also known as Donnie Baker) and his terrible demse is provided.

How Did Ron Sexton Aka Donnie Baker Dἰe?

Comedian Ron Sexton Cause of Deἀth
Comedian Ron Sexton Cause of Deἀth

On the Indianapolis radio program The Bob and Tom Show, US comedian Ron Sexton, who played Donnie Baker, pssed away on Friday, July 21, 2023. He was 52.

If you are wondering about the circumstances behind the pssing of other famous people, the following information has been provided for your perusal:

His family posted a message on his Facebook page informing people of Donnie Baker’s pἀssing:

“It is with immense sadness that we let everyone know that Ron Sexton pssed away yesterday. He was Donnie Baker to most of you, but Ron and Dad to us. Please respect our privacy at this time and pray for our family. – Tracey, Eric, Abigail, Alex, and Aliah Jim and Ila.”

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The Bob and Tom Show’s Facebook page also posted an emotional message. Tom Griswold, the show’s co-host, left the following message on the page:

“We are sad to confirm that Ron Sexton, longtime member of the ensemble cast of “The Bob & Tom Show”, ded Friday in Ohio while on tour with his stand-up comedy show.”

He added:

“Ron was known by millions of listeners of “The Bob & Tom Show” for the indelible comedic characters he played on-air – including Donnie Baker, Kenny Tarmac, and Floyd the Trucker, as well as his spot-on celebrity impersonations. Ron was a much-loved colleague and friend, and we will miss him greatly,”

Tom concluded:

“We send our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. He made many, many people happy during his more than 20 years with “The Bob & Tom Show,” and we will remember him with love and gratitude,”

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All You Need to Know About Ron Sexton’s Family

Ron Sexton was wed to Tracey Horen Sexton, according to the media outlet Esajaelina. The couple kept their marriage a secret, although other sources stated they had a lovely marriage.

Tracey is active on social media and frequently shares photos of herself with Sexton on her Facebook page. She reportedly has supported Ron’s professional development at every point. Together, they have five children: Eric, Alex, Abigail, Aliah, and Ila. Sexton is a US citizen, which also specifies his ethnicity.

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