David Cassidy Cause Of Deἀth

David Cassidy Cause Of Deἀth Revealed: Alcoholism or Alzheimer’s Diseἀse?

David Bruce Cassidy was an American actor, singer, composer, and guitarist who lived from April 12, 1950, to November 21, 2017. In the 1970s musical sitcom The Partridge Family, he played Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge (played by his actual stepmother, the actress Shirley Jones). This part propelled Cassidy to adolescent idol status as a 1970s pop music superstar.

David Cassidy Cause Of Deἀth Revealed

According to a new documentary, David Cassidy, the musician who claimed soon before his deth at age 67 in November that his onstage accdent in February 2017 was brought on by Alzheimer’s dsease, actually pἀssed away from organ failure brought on by drunkenness.

David Cassidy, whose mother had Alzheimer’s, confesses:

“I did it to myself, to cover up the sadness and the emptiness. There is no sign of me having dementia at this stage of my life. It was complete alcohol poisoning. And the fact is, I lied about my drinking.”

Problem drinking is not just a dsease in the entertainment industry. The tragic tale of Cassidy focuses on the need to uphold a public image in that industry, yet his generation is more likely to develop alcoholism than previous generations.

David Cassidy Cause Of Deἀth
David Cassidy Cause Of Deἀth

As opposed to 10 percent of all Americans, 17 percent of Americans over 60 have alcohol or dɼug issues, according to Harry Haroutunian, author of the book Being Sober. The prevalence of high-risk drinking among adults over 64 is rising and is at least twice as high as that of the general population.

There was a 107 percent increase in the number of persons 65 and older who had an alcohol use disorder between 2001 and 2013. According to Cassidy’s son, his famous actor-singer father Jack Cassidy, who also struggled with alcoholism, was similarly negligent in Cassidy’s situation.

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In the documentary, he claims that he once witnessed Jack drinking 15 Scotch and sodas. In his 1994 autobiography, C’mon, Get Happy, Cassidy said that Jack tried to increase his employment possibilities by wooing Cole Porter after his career suffered after he turned down the part of Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

After a night of drinking, Jack, who was being treated for bipolar disorder in the hospital, pssed away when his cigaɼette burned his Naugahyde couch. Shirley Jones, who portrayed the young heartthrob’s mother on The Partridge Family, was the woman Jack had left Cassidy’s mother for.

Cassidy made $8 million from 1970 to 1974, the run of the sitcom. He claimed to have less than a thousand by 1986 and that he could no longer be taken seriously as an actor or singer due to his typecasting as a teen idol who received 25,000 letters of love each week.

In his 20s, Cassidy found it difficult to be respected despite breaking the Beatles’ record for sold-out performances at London’s Wembley Stadium. He started hanging out with heavy drinkers like John Lennon and Alice Cooper, who both remember him affectionately in the documentary.

On Jan 8, 2022, David Cassidy tweeted:

On one New Year’s Eve, the two of them sang Beatles songs till five in the morning, with David playing Paul McCartney’s parts. His Partridge Family costar Danny Bonaduce, whom Cassidy helped rescue during Bonaduce’s own addiction troubles, in the documentary says:

“His fan club was bigger than the Beatles’ and Elvis’s put together,”

Several famous friends in the film attribute Cassidy’s problems to his thwarted search for love, especially from his troubled dad. Even before his pssing, Cassidy made an appearance on Dr. Phil to discuss his dementia and allay fans’ fears.

Producers were taken aback by Cassidy’s admission; while most of the people in his life thought he was sober, the truth was that he continued to drink right up until he pssed away. Danny Bonaduce, a co-star on The Partridge Family and a recovering addict, said he is not shocked by Cassidy’s actions.

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