Dead Island 2 Release Date

Get Ready for the Resident Evil Deἀd Island 2 Release Date

Ded Island 2 has been in the works for some now. One of those new games in 2023 that truly can’t be overlooked is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Techland’s zombie-bashing slaughterfest. Developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver have finally put this bloody sequel back on track after years of derailed plans and restarts, and based on what we’ve seen and experienced thus far, we’re already impressed.

Read more about our firsthand experiences in our preview of Ded Island 2 and chat with the game’s director. Dambuster said that the game would be delayed to April in order to give it one last polish before its original February 2023 release date alongside some of the future PS5 and Xbox Series X games.

Hey hey, what’s a couple extra weeks going to hurt after 12 years of waiting? Fortunately, we have plenty to go on as we wait for the gore-gorgeous shores of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, including an exciting gameplay trailer. This is all the information you need to know about Ded Island 2, including release information.

Resident Evil Ded Island 2 Release Date

Ded Island 2 was scheduled to debut in February 2023, but Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver later declared that the launch date had been moved forward by 11 weeks to April 21, 2023.

Dead Island 2 Release Date
Ded Island 2 Release Date

Discussing the most recent Ded Island 2 delay, Dambuster said:

“The irony of delaying Ded Island 2 is not lost on us, and we are as disappointed as you undoubtedly are. The delay is just 12 short weeks and development is on the final straight now; we’re going to take the time we need to make sure we can launch a game we’re proud to launch. For those of you who’ve been waiting for years, thank you for hanging in there with us.”

We’re thrilled to announce that Ded Island 2 will be released on the PC via the Epic Store. Many of you have been curious about whether Ded Island 2 would be one of the next PC games worth watching. Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Series X are the additional platforms for Ded Island 2 that have been officially announced.

Ded Island 2 Gameplay

Ded Island 2 completely overhauls everything we know and love about the first game. To begin with, the map has been divided into sections called “districts,” according to game director David Stenton. The battle itself maintains a similar emphasis on melee hack-and-slash action, but the encounter has significantly changed since 2011.

The test build for Ded Island 2 has been available to us in two rounds, starting with our initial hands-on. We could already tell from this the careful thought Dambuster had placed into the FLESH mechanism. The horrifying, anatomically precise graphics aim to replicate the humor and revulsion of 80s horror, injecting some much-needed lightness into a game with such horrific violence.

To develop a flexible deck of skills that you may alter at any time, you’ll be gathering skill cards to add to it. The “symphony of the combat sandbox” Stenton referred to in our most recent Ded Island 2 preview and interview with Dambuster provides an abundance of methods to support your preferred playstyle, from flawless dodges that stun adversaries to health-restoring war cries.

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Ded Island 2 Trailers

Aside from the now-iconic E3 2014 zombie transformation cinematic, which is shown below, things on the Ded Island 2 trailer front were quite quiet for a while. Then Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios surprised us with a fresh reveal video and some brand-new, contemporary in-game footage at Gamescom 2022.

Let’s examine the process of development. To get you started, review the Ded Island E3 2014 announcement trailer above. The new Ded Island 2 reveal trailer that was aired during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 is the following. See the trailer below:

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