Devin Graves Obituary

Devin Graves Obituary: Sioux City North High School Student Has Dἰed!

Devin Graves Obituary: I cannot get myself to believe that it is accurate. I want you to know I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you, Devin. I guarantee you that. I will always be grateful to you for being the first person I met in Sioux City who became a friend and for the way in which you made me feel when I first moved there.

I hope that you, my dear friend, get a good night’s sleep tonight. After that, they got on an aircraft and returned to the United States, where they arrived safely. Where they were eventually able to touch down, which was at the Suffolk County Army Air Field in West Hampton Beach, New York.

They had previously called Riverhead home, and their new place wasn’t too far away from there. In the time that Dorothy’s husband was away on business, she split her time between the couple’s houses on Long Island, which are situated in Hempstead and Brentwood, respectively.

Devin Graves Obituary
Devin Graves Obituary

Dorothy and the children uprooted their lives and moved to the Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, upon his return in 1962. This was the location of the CIA headquarters at the time, and they found a lot of excitement there.

They were stationed there when they decided to take up bowling as a hobby, and while there, they joined a league with other military wives to compete in the sport. Poker and Pinochle are two examples of fascinating card games that were played, and everyone had a fantastic time competing against one another in these games.

Dancing was her favorite activity, but she also enjoyed visiting the NCO Club on the military installation and playing bingo there. Dancing was her favorite pastime. Dorothy would demand that her kids study and perform modern dances like Twist and other dances.

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When she had visitors over to her house, she would do the jerk, the mashed potato, and the swing. In 1966, Dorothy and her family uprooted their lives. They moved to Henrietta, New York, since Dorothy’s husband had secured a position with the Xerox Corporation as Manager of the scientific data center.

After a combined total of 20 years of service in the armed forces prior to his retirement, Dorothy’s husband had reached the rank of Senior Master Sergeant and retired from active duty at that time.

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