Eliana Burki Obituary

Eliana Burki Obituary – Loss of a Gifted Alpine Horn Player!

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Switzerland suffered a devastating loss on April 24, 2023, with the passing of Eliana Burki, a talented alpine horn player whose musical abilities were a genuine gem in the industry. Eliana is one of the most famous alpine horn players in the world because she works hard and loves to play it.

Eliana fought bravely against a brain tυmor, but she never gave up her love of music, which inspired a lot of people. Her memory will continue to inspire people because she has left an indelible mark on Swiss history and culture.

Eliana Burki Obituary

Eliana Burki, a musician from Feldbrunnen, pssed away at the age of 39, as announced on her Instagram account. The message said that Eliana had been having trouble with a brain tυmor –


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Do you know that after Austin Hyer ded, his family and friends posted about him on social media? She ded in a terrble UTV accdent on April 23, 2023, that shocked everyone who knew her:

Dirk Mahlstedt had difficulty finding the appropriate words to describe the circumstance, but he did note that Eliana was known for her warmth and friendliness. He told her that her positive attitude about life was an example to everyone around her.

One person talked about a concert that Eliana Burki played in front of Aleppo’s beautiful citadel 13 years ago. They were saddened by the deth of this young, talented singer who was a virtuoso on the Swiss Alphorn.

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They told her family that they were sorry for their loss. Another person who had just started learning to play the Alp Horn found Eliana’s videos while doing research and was impressed by her ability to play in both traditional and modern ways. Also, they said that Eliana seemed like a great person. People said that her quick deth was a big loss.