Emiterio Quival Obituary

Emiterio Quival Obituary: A Tribute to a Loving Father and Car Fanatic

Emiterio Quival, also known as Terry, died on August 6, 2023, at his home in Santa Cruz. He was a beloved friend, father, and grandfather. He had just recently celebrated his 79th birthday.

He is survived by his spouse Jeanne Allshouse, their daughters Jackie, Janice, and Vicki, his sisters Eve and Felicia, as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

His parents, Emiterio and Florence Quival, siblings, daughter Karen, grandchildren Brendon, Starlie, and Christopher, as well as his siblings Don, Cecil, Pat, and Fran, predeceased him. Terry was one of seven children born into a big family in San Francisco.

He enlisted in the Navy and proudly served his nation. He had a lifetime love of automobiles from a young age. He was a skilled technician who liked creating, competing in, and discussing automobiles. He spent more than 55 years working in numerous auto businesses.

With a focus on bringing historic automobiles back to their former splendor. He was always ready to help out or give someone advice if they needed it. Additionally, he participated in auto clubs and enjoyed displaying his 42 Ford, 40 Ford, and 65 Shelby at auto events.

Terry was a jovial and kind individual who was usually grinning. He cherished spending time with his family and friends while camping, boating, and water skiing. His favorite place to unwind and have fun was Lake Berryessa, where he spent around 52 years.

He also adored animals, sports, and music. He was adored and cherished by many people and left a favorable impression on everyone he encountered. Please view the whole post for further information.

Emiterio Quival Obituary

Emiterio “Terry” Quival JR, a cherished father, grandfather, and dedicated friend, passed away. His loved ones, friends, and the automotive industry as a whole are in deep sorrow. On Sunday, August 6, 2023, Emiterio Quival passed away at his house in Santa Cruz, surrounded by his family.

Emiterio Quival Obituary
Emiterio Quival Obituary

Terry was one of seven children born into a big family in San Francisco. He enlisted in the Navy and gave his country his all before being honorably discharged. Recently, he had turned 79 years old. He had the good fortune to discover his life’s interest at a young age: CARS!

He was a talented technician who enjoyed talking, racing, and building automobiles. He was frequently in a coffee shop with buddies, chatting about upcoming projects or technical difficulties. He was always ready to provide a helping hand to anyone who needed it with any advice, work, or mentoring. See the Facebook post for more details:

His giving spirit was what made him so adored/cherished by everyone he came into contact with. Over the course of his more than 55-year career, he worked at Super Auto, Grand Auto, and Quality Automotive in Santa Cruz, where his area of expertise was returning vintage automobiles to their former glory.

His life consisted largely of classic autos. He enjoyed going to auto exhibitions and swap meets and was active in several vehicle groups, including Coastside Cruisers and Santa Cruz Clockers. He was constantly accompanied by family and friends at these gatherings.

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Everyone is aware that he has always been a Ford fan. He enjoyed driving his 42 Ford, 40 Ford, and 65 Shelby, which he was renovating with his son Tony. His pride and delight was his family. He liked camping, boating, water skiing, and RV travel.

He particularly cherished Lake Berryessa, where he spent roughly 52 years taking a well-earned vacation to unwind and spend time with loved ones. His devoted partner Jeanne Allshouse, as well as his daughter and son-in-law, survive him.

Dylana Quival, a daughter of Tiffany Bustos and Ruben of Nampa, Idaho, and their son and daughter-in-law Tony Quival and Wittney of Soulsbyville, California; Jackie Raynor of Soquel; Janice Becerra of Fremont; Vicki Narciso and Son-in-Law Frank of Soquel; Eve Patton and Fred of Pacifica; and Felicia Monosco and Richard of Santa Cruz, California; are the partner’s three daughters.

17 Grandchildren and 9 Great Grandchildren were born to him. Emiterio and Florence Valdez Quival, his parents, Don Crumb, Cecil Quival, Pat Aragon, Fran Okumura, Karen Mittan, his daughter, Brendon Youmans, Starlie Quival, his granddaughter, and Christopher Raynor before him in death.

There will be a memorial service sometime in September or October. Please visit the Benito and Azzaro page to send your thoughts and prayers to the family as well as to learn details on the ceremony’s dates and times.

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