zom 100 anime release date

An Anime Version of Zom 100 Is Officially Announced! When It Comes Out?

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The official synopsis of Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead is now accessible on Viz for anyone who are interested in the manga but hasn’t read it. Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata’s Zom 100 is a horror-comedy manga. The manga first appeared in Monthly Sunday Gene-X back in October of 2018 and is still being serialized there.

The universe of Bucket List of the Dead is infected by the standard zombie genre, but its protagonist is anything but standard fare. Now that he is no longer bound by the traditional “9 to 5,” he compiles a list of all the things he wants to accomplish before he, too, succumbs to the zombie plague.

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zom 100 anime release date
zom 100 anime release date

Zom 100 Anime: Release Date

The anime adaptation of the horror comedy manga Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is scheduled to premiere in July 2023. A Hulu subscription is required to view the anime in the United States. The streaming partners, however, that will be employed in the other nations, are still being decided upon. Additional details will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

What Is The Anime About?

Akira Tendo, the protagonist, is a young salaryman who is unhappy in both his professional and personal relationships. Akira sees the zombie outbreak in Japan as a chance to start anew, despite the fact that the world around him is crumbling. The burden of commuting to work has been lifted from his shoulders. He may now follow his lifetime ambition of completing his bucket list.

zom 100 anime release date
zom 100 anime release date

These include visiting all 50 states, telling his crush how he feels, and attending crazy stag and hen parties. The more fellow survivors Akira encounters, the more successful his journey will be. The group relies on cooperation to survive in a world overrun by zombies. They cherish every moment they have left.

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