Invincible Season 2

When is Invincible Season 2 Coming Out on Amazon Prime?

The highly anticipated second season of the Amazon superhero series Invincible, including its projected premiere date, trailers, and other information, is detailed below. The Boys, a television series based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, debuted its first season on Amazon in 2019.

Because of its startlingly brutal v!olence gained rapid popularity, demonstrating that mainstream viewers were interested in R-rated superhero fare that wasn’t only grim and nasty. The streaming service released the animated version of Robert Kirkman’s comic, Invincible, two years later.

After a startling first episode, the drama swiftly attracted viewers, who fervently clamored for another season after its gory conclusion. Amazon, thankfully took notice. Invincible is not just returning for Season 2 but also for a third season.

Given the horrifying turns and turns of Kirkman’s original series, there is a lot of ground to cover in the Invincible Universe. We’ll hopefully join Mark Grayson on his next leg of the journey soon.

When will Invincible Season 2 be released?

Invincible Season 2
Invincible Season 2

Invincible Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime in late 2023. Earlier, speaking to Collider, Kirkman said:

“The production timeline is somewhat daunting. I think that we spend a number of years developing and working on this season. As we hopefully move into Season 2 and beyond, things will tighten.

“There’s definitely a lot less designing and different things that have to happen to move into our second season. And it’s entirely possible that there’s already work that has been done on the second season. So I think we’re in a good place to be moving forward, were this show to end up being successful.”

The show’s head writer Simon Racioppa told Tech Radar that they’ve been working on the second season for:

“longer than I think people are aware, but it takes a while. It’s a big show.” He said: “We’ve been working on it for a while. We’re working very hard on it. Basically, every day Robert is working on it, I’m working on it. We’re talking about it, and we are well in on the process.”

Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, the show’s protagonist, is portrayed by Steven Yeun, who also said he began recording his voice for the second season in April. In a clip released by the Invincible official Twitter account, Yeun could be seen and heard saying: “Can’t wait to make more…” before the video cuts to the title card.

In an interview with Discussing Film, Omni-Man’s actor J.K. Simmons revealed that he was due to head back to the voice booth for Season 2:

“I’m allowed to say that we’re going back to work very soon in the recording booth,” he said. “Now, the lag between us doing our first recordings and the animation being completed is obviously many months and probably more than a year, I would guess. But, yes, Invincible is getting to work in earnest and Season 2 is imminent, I will say. There’s a nice vague term.”

In an interview with CBM, head writer Simon Racioppa said (According to SYFY)

“We want to make it as badly as everyone wants to see it. We’re deep in. I wish it was already done and I wish it was finished, but it’s just not.”

Yeun added to Collider that [Robert Kirkman] is enthusiastic about it. He predicts that Season 2 will surpass Season 1, and I have no reason to disagree with him:

“If you go to his source material, Invincible is an incredible comic, and just thinking about how much story hasn’t been told from that run, it’s gonna be bonkers. I’m really excited about it.”

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Is There a Trailer for Invincible Season 2?

Invincible and Allen the Alien discuss the new season in a recent promotional video for Invincible Season 2. The details are below:

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